Caesar, Bartholomew, Kupava and Agatha Maria were born in Moscow in 2016

Caesar, Bartholomew, Kupava and Agatha Maria were born in Moscow in 2016
The top ten most popular names in the city remain Sofia for girls and Alexander for boys.

Moscow’s Civil Registry Office listed the rarest and most extraordinary names that Moscow parents gave their newborns in 2016. One family named their child Caesar. Also last year, several boys received the rare names of Bartholomew and Yevstignei. Three girls received exotic names Kupava, Vseslava and Agatha Maria.

Top 10 remained unchanged

The top ten names remained almost the same as in 2015. The most popular name for girls is still Sofya or Sofia. Maria is traditionally second. Anna rounds up the top three. The other names in order of popularity are Viktoria, Anastasia, Polina, Alisa, Yelizaveta and Alexandra. Unlike 2015, the tenth most popular name was Darya, giving way to Alexandra which moved up to ninth.

Alexander remains the most popular boy’s name in Moscow followed by Maxim and Artyom as in 2015. The list continues with Mikhail, Daniil (Danila), Ivan, Dmitry and Andrei. Yegor was ninth, followed by Kirill, a name that has dropped two places since 2015.

Unusual but popular

Some unusual names that are becoming more common in Moscow made it to the top 50. Unusual girls names included Safina, Stefania, Emilia, Elina and Adelina; for boys, David and Mark. However, the Civil Registry Office notes that for unusual names, parents are increasingly turning to traditional Slavic and Greek variants. Some examples include Makar, Miron, Savely and Arseny for boys, and Vasilisa, Ulyana, Zlata and Miroslava for girls.

There are also kids in Moscow who are growing up with rare names like Mercury and Radost. These were extraordinary additions in 2015.