Visitors can gain free entry to the Museum of the Defence, the Garden Ring Museum, the House on the Embankment local history museum, the Museum of Cosmonautics and memorial apartments of famous persons.

A list of 40 museums that will offer free admission on the third Sunday of every month in 2017 has been approved.

It includes the memorial apartments of Andrei Bely, Mikhail Bulgakov and Alexander Scriabin and the house-museums of Alexander Ostrovsky and Sergei Yesenin. Visitors will be able to learn historic facts at the Museum of the Defence, the Garden Ring Museum, the House on the Embankment local history museum and the Museum of Cosmonautics.

Participating institutions:

— Museum of Moscow Museum Association;

— State Museum of the Defence of Moscow;

— Battle of Borodino Museum Panorama;

— Zelenograd Museum of Local History;

— Alexander Solzhenitsyn House for the Russian Diaspora;

— T-34 History Museum;

— GULAG History Museum;

— Garden Ring Museum;

— Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve;

— Tsaritsyno State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve;

— State Museum of Ceramics and Kuskovo Estate of the 18th Century;

— Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts;

— Marina Tsvetayeva House and Museum;

— Sergei Yesenin Moscow State Museum;

— Nikolai Ostrovsky Preodoleniye State Museum and Humanitarian Centre;

— Konstantin Paustovsky Centre, Moscow Literary Museum;

— Mikhail Bulgakov Museum;

— Vladimir Vysotsky State Cultural Centre and Museum;

— Museum of Vasily Tropinin and his Contemporary Artists;

— Ilya Glazunov Moscow State Art Gallery;

— Alexander Shilov Moscow State Art Gallery;

— Dom Burganova Moscow State Museum;

— Museum of Russian Lubok and Naive Art;

— Moscow Museum of Modern Art;

— Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics;

— State Darwin Museum;

— Timiryazev State Biological Museum;

— Alexander Scriabin Memorial Museum;

— Fashion Museum and Exhibition Centre;

— Manezh Museum and Exhibition Association;

— Moscow Exhibition Halls Association;

— State Exhibition Hall of the History of the War in Afghanistan;

— Solyanka VPA Exhibition Hall;

— Tushino Exhibition Hall;

— A3 Gallery Exhibition Hall.

Some museum-related venues will also open their doors free of charge, namely:

— Nikolai Gogol House memorial museum and research library;

— Severnoye Tushino Museum and Park;

— Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation;

— Sergei Andriyaka Moscow State Specialised School of Water Colour Painting with a museum and exhibition facility;

— Eldar Movie Club.

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