Pushkin Museum photo exhibition to open in the metro

Pushkin Museum photo exhibition to open in the metro
For the 105th anniversary of the museum, passengers will see photos of famous works by masters of the Renaissance period, including Michelangelo, taken from unusual angles.

Starting on 20 January, the Metro Gallery at Vystavochnaya station will display a photo exhibition dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

In the photographs, passengers will see statues by Michelangelo, the Roman Capitoline Wolf and Madonna and Child by Italian sculptor Luca della Robbia. Each photo will give people an opportunity to see familiar works of art in a new light. For example, the photographer, Olga Melekestseva, chose and captured the Child’s touching image from the Madonna and Child statue by della Robbia.

Visitors will also be able to see the White and Egyptian galleries and the Greek and Italian yards of the museum at those rare moments when they are empty of people.  

“Muscovites know many museum galleries and exhibits from an early age. This is why it is so interesting to take a fresh look at much-loved items,” the Pushkin Museum press service said.

The photo exhibition timed to coincide with the museum’s anniversary will last until 20 February. To visit, it is enough to pay the metro fare. The exhibition hall is behind the turnstiles.

The State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts opened on 31 May 1912. Today its collection consists of about 700,000 items of various periods, from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece to the beginning of the 21st century. The founder and the first director of the museum was Professor Ivan Tsvetayev of Moscow University.

The Metro Gallery has been hosting various exhibitions for several years. An exhibition of photos of the Cathedral of the Holy Veil of Virgin Mary, better known as St Basil’s Cathedral, opened there in October this year. The exhibition was timed to coincide with the 455th anniversary of that church in Red Square.