Muscovites to fight phobias with snowballs

Muscovites to fight phobias with snowballs
On 30 December, a dozen targets symbolising common phobias will be installed in Sokolniki Park. People will be able to fight phobias by throwing snowballs at targets.

On New year’s Eve, residents and guests of Moscow will be able to battle their phobias in Sokolniki Park. Around a dozen targets symbolising the most common phobias, including fear of the dark, heights, storms, public speaking and closed spaces, will be installed there. In this playful way, citizens will also learn not to fear spiders and clowns. These targets will be located near the free skating rink on Fountain Square.

“Visitors will hit targets with snowballs, thereby vanquishing their fears. When a person gives rein to their feelings, he or she is released from negative emotions,” the press service of Sokolniki Park reported.

The park staff said that the snow cover in the park remains even at above-freezing temperatures, so it will not be a problem to make snowballs. On snowy days, mass tournaments to combat phobias will be held there. Depending on the age of participants, they will compete at distances of 10, 15 and 20 metres. Winners will receive special prizes. For example, a gift certificate for a parachute jump will be given to the winner at the fear of heights target, and a ticket to a theatre art workshop will go to the winner at the fear of public speaking target. The schedule will be posted on the park’s website. The targets will remain in the park until the spring, when the snow melts.

In October, visitors to Sokolniki Park battled the autumn blues through colour therapy – they were offered to paint black-and-white city images on two-metre canvases.