New Year greetings from the Moscow Mayor

New Year greetings from the Moscow Mayor
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Yevgeny Samarin
Launching the Moscow Central Ring, planting trees in the city’s main streets and celebrating the victories of Moscow athletes – this is how Muscovites will remember the outgoing year of 2016.


Sergei Sobyanin: Muscovites, friends. Very soon the Kremlin chimes will usher in the New Year of 2017.

During these moments, we recall the outgoing year that brought many good things to our city despite all the difficulties and problems.

In September, we launched the Moscow Central Ring – a new surface ring of the metro that made daily trips faster and more convenient for hundreds of thousands of Muscovites and residents of the Moscow suburbs.

The dream of older-generation Muscovites has finally come true. Historical lime trees, sprawling maples and snow-white birch trees have returned to Moscow’s main streets.

During the outgoing year, we rejoiced over the victories of our athletes in the Olympic Games in Rio. Many of them graduated from Moscow sports schools.

The growing quality of education in Moscow schools has become an important result of all of our hard work. They are among the world’s top six schools based on the results of international tests.

Today during these short December days, the capital is filled with bright Christmas lights. For the first time, the Moscow metro will be open throughout the New Year’s night, allowing Muscovites to celebrate the New Year at home, visit their families and friends, and feel the holiday atmosphere in the city’s main squares and parks.

Friends! The New Year is a symbol of kindness and hope. I wish every Moscow family a peaceful, calm and happy year.

I hope that it brings prosperity to your homes. I hope that the younger generation will fulfil their dreams of interesting studies, a good job, wonderful friends and, of course, great love.

May the older generation of Muscovites enjoy good health and thoughtful children and grandchildren. Let us rejoice in their success! Be happy, friends!

Happy New Year 2017!