Hares on holiday, mimes and tango: what free entertainment is available during the holidays

Hares on holiday, mimes and tango: what free entertainment is available during the holidays
Magic tricks and acrobatic stunts, adventures in a fairy-tale kingdom and believing in miracles – a festive atmosphere in Moscow will be created with the help of street theatre actors who have prepared spectacular shows for the New Year.

Moscow street theatres will present New Year shows at 11 district venues. These free shows will take place on 30 and 31 December and 1 January.

The Vysokiye Bratya & Tall Brothers Theatre presents “The Circus of Merry and Plucky Hares”, full of unexpected miracles and plot twists. Adventurous hares don’t know how to deal with burning torches, an Indian yogi ties himself in a knot and a sword-swallower can’t possibly get through his trophy.

“The White Tale” of the Freak Fabrik street theatre is a story about good and happy people who stop making wishes and forget how to dream. Their world becomes dull and dreary and the city turns grey, bleak and sordid. Smiles disappear from faces that were so happy and lively in the past. But on New Year’s Eve, white magicians come to the city and help people to find their star and start to believe in miracles.

The Sketches in Space exclusive theatre will present “The White Forest”, a show at the junction of visual art and street theatre. The site in which the action proceeds turns into a magical white space with mythical characters and animals.

“The Winter Action” of the Chudaki experimental theatre shows that there is always room for miracles in the world. The main character goes to a winter forest on the New Year’s Eve to find his beloved. He will meet a white bird, who is the sovereign of a fairy-tale kingdom, as well as white and black cats, and will fight against villains.

The hero will be saved by the sounds of a tango coming through the biting frost, and he will see in the New Year together with his love, listening to the chime of bells.

The Kanikuly mime theatre will show “Hares on Holiday” an interactive medley of New Year’s numbers. The Bright People theatre presents “Ole Lukoje”. Ole Lukoje is the main character, who will tell amazing stories about travels to new worlds, adventures and magic. His assistants will be a gymnast, a juggler, a balancer and a magician.

Residents of the Western Administrative Area will be able to see five shows at two sites, in the village of Vnukovo and the Olympic Village park. In the Northwestern Administrative Area, there will be performances in Mitino landscape park, in the Northern Administrative Area in Angarskiye Prudy park and in the Northeastern Administrative Area on Cosmonauts Alley. In the Eastern Administrative Area, performances will be held on Semyonovskaya Square. Residents of the Southeastern Administrative Area are invited to Artyom Borovik Park. Residents of the Southern Administrative Area can go to Borisovskiye Prudy park and residents of the Southwestern Administrative Area can visit the Southern Butovo children’s landscape park. In the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, shows will take place on Central Square. Central Square in Zelenograd will also be the site of shows.