City transport schedule during the New Year holidays

City transport schedule during the New Year holidays
The Moscow metro, the Moscow Central Ring and 153 surface transport routes will be operating throughout New Year’s night. Parking in the city will be free on 1-8 January.

On New Year’s Eve, an extensive holiday programme will be available for Moscow residents and guests in the city centre. Moscow’s authorities are preparing 400 special events that are expected to attract 10 million people on New Year’s Eve and Orthodox Christmas. At midnight, a fireworks display will begin on Red Square, and the Journey to Christmas festival will be open until 3 a.m.

Public transport will be running for those returning home late or who want to travel between different festive venues. For the first time, the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Central Ring will be open all through the night of 31 December–1 January. Buses, trams and trolleybuses will be circulating around the city, and parking will be free. Suburban trains will run according to the Saturday timetable. Everything you need to know about the Moscow transport schedule during the upcoming holidays can be found at

Metro and Moscow Central Ring to run non-stop

On New Year’s Eve, the Moscow Metro will operate round-the-clock, with trains running at 10 minute intervals from 1 a.m. to 5.30 a.m. on 1 January

The Moscow Central Ring will also be open, with 12 minute intervals between its Lastochka trains from 1 a.m. to 5.30 a.m.

The Moscow Central Ring was launched in September and includes 31 stations where passengers can make 14 transfers to the metro and six to commuter trains.

The 24 hour operating schedule of the Metro and the Moscow Central Ring will allow passengers to see in the New Year in the city centre and then return home comfortably.

On the night of Christmas Eve, 6–7 January, the Moscow Metro will extend its working hours until 2 a.m. The Moscow Central Ring will have the same schedule.

Passengers using the Krasnye Vorota and Leninsky Prospekt stations should be aware that, due to maintenance work in their entrance halls, the northern exits at these stations will be closed on New Year and Christmas.

The Fili and Pionerskaya stations’ western entrance halls will also be closed, leaving only the eastern exits open.

Commuter trains: extended working hours and additional trains

On the night of 31 December–1 January, suburban trains of various destinations of Moscow Railways will run until 3 a.m. on average.

Suburban trains’ timetable will change for the entire period of the New Year holidays. From 1–7 January, commuter trains will follow the Saturday timetable. The aero-express will operate as usual.

Surface transit: 153 routes on New Year’s

On New Year’s Eve, surface public transport will operate non-stop on the most popular routes all across the city. Buses, trams and trolleybuses will run on 153 routes for passengers’ convenience.

Information about extended and altered routes is available at transport stops and on the Mosgortrans website.

Surface transport working hours will be extended until 3 a.m. on Christmas night, with 162 routes in operation.

On New Year’s and Christmas nights, all 11 night city routes will also operate as usual.

Travelling to New Year’s show at the Luzhniki sports complex on new bus route L

Those who have tickets for children’s New Year shows at the Luzhniki sports complex and to the Zapashny Brothers’ circus performances at the Malaya Sportivnaya Arena will be able to use to new bus route L to get to the venue. L buses will run between the Sportivnaya metro station and the Luzhniki sports complex.Ten to 20 large capacity buses will travelling along the route.

A good tradition: free parking throughout the New Year holidays

In keeping with tradition, parking in Moscow will be free from 1–8 January. Muscovites travelling to the city centre will not have to pay to park in city spaces. All other parking places will operate as usual.

Safe transport

Safety measures on transport will be beefed up from 29 December to 9 January. The Moscow Transport Department, the Moscow Metro, the Traffic Management Centre, the Moscow Parking Administration, the Moscow Interior Ministry Department and other city administration services will also be reinforced.

Luggage and passenger inspection will be stepped up, and all train services within Moscow, along with platforms, entrance halls, underpasses and surface transport stops, will be totally covered. Police checks of abandoned belongings and suspicious objects on buses, trolleybuses and trams will be intensified.

New Year transport: bullfinches on Christmas cards and fir trees at stations

Muscovites and tourists can enjoy the festive atmosphere on transport already today. Thousands of New Year posters and stickers with special greetings are decorating metro stations, train carriages, platforms and entrance halls.

Red-breasted bullfinches, fluffy fir tree branches and the number 2017 are the main elements of this winter’s decorations. A New Year train has been launched on the Moscow Metro circle line, and musicians play New Year music at authorised metro sites.

On New Year’s Eve, President Vladimir Putin’s congratulatory address to the nation will be broadcast in the metro online, so that those who are not near a TV set at midnight will still be able to hear the President’s New Year wishes to the Russian people.

Stations of the Metro and the Moscow Central Ring have also been decorated for New Year. Fir tree garlands with baubles and ribbons have been put up at the entrances to stations and above ticket offices. At the end of the year, Father Frost will be congratulating passengers at 14 Moscow Central Ring stations with transfers tothe Metro stations. The youngest passengers will be presented with chocolates bearing the Moscow Metro symbol, and adults will receive a combined map of the Metro and the Moscow Central Ring.

Buses and public transport stops will be decorated in the New Year style. A New Year tram has already been launched in the city. All Mosgortrans trains will be carrying flags. Bus, trolleybus and tram drivers will be wearing Father Frost and Snow Maiden costumes. Since Monday, 19 December, commercial buses have been playing New Year wishes from passengers. Any passenger could have his greetings recorded and say hello to friends, family and all the other passengers.

New Year season tickets (unified all-transport tickets) went on sale on 30 December at metro ticket offices. The authorities have issued a total of 1 million holiday season tickets.