Charging kiosks for digital devices open at 150 stations in Moscow

Charging kiosks for digital devices open at 150 stations in Moscow
Another 70 charging kiosks have been installed and will open soon.

The city has set up 220 surface transport stations of a new type. Of these, 146 are already operational. Start-up work is still underway at another 74 stations, but passengers can already use them.

Passengers at these new stations can charge their mobile phones, tablets and laptops, connect to Wi-Fi and use navigation charts and maps to plan their routes. The stations bear the Moscow Transport logo.

“This service is available at 220 stations, which have been installed partly because of the launch of the Magistral route system. The majority of these kiosks (charging points) will have video surveillance, free Wi-Fi and USB slots,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor and Head of the Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Department.

The new stations also have digital boards to show the arrival time of surface transit vehicles. Work is underway to connect them to the system.

The Magistral route system opened on 8 October. It was created to ease public access to the city centre via surface transit and includes 17 main routes within the Garden Ring, 15 district routes and seven social routes. About 400 buses, trolleybuses and trams run these routes. Over 20 million passengers have used the Magistral system in the two months since it was launched.