Moscow Metro to play ABBA and popular comedy music during the holidays

Moscow Metro to play ABBA and popular comedy music during the holidays
Holiday greetings and songs on the metro radio will put passengers in a festive spirit.

Rioma-M radio station on the Moscow Metro is playing a holiday programme. Passengers will hear interesting trivia about New Year’s Eve, poems about this popular holiday as well as Russian and foreign songs, including popular Soviet and French comedy sound tracks. The holiday radio programme will play in hallways, on escalators and in the entrance halls until 8 January.

For the first time, the Moscow Metro will play the soundtrack from the famous French comedy The Toy starring Pierre Richard, Glenn Miller’s hit In the Mood, the groovy Yakety Sax from The Benny Hill Show, and Little Man by Sonny and Cher.

Did you know that Christmas cards first appeared in Russia in the early 20th century? It is believed that the first cards were created by artist Nikolai Karazin while it could also be St Petersburg Academy of Arts librarian Fyodor Berenshtam. Personal cards were decorated with gold and glitter while cards addressed to business partners were more simple and formal

Songs from Soviet comedies and animated films will add to the festive mood, including While Clock Chimes Midnight from Charodei, Five Minutes from Carnival Night and If There Was No Winter from Winter in Prostokvashino.

The holiday programme will, for the first time, feature children’s voices. Students from Moscow schools will entertain passengers with their own poems, and read other winter verses by Alexander Pushkin, Samuil Marshak and other writers.

Radio hosts will share trivia about New Year’s celebrations. Listeners will be surprised to learn about the size of the world’s biggest snowflake, the creator of the first ever Christmas card and about the history of the tallest snowman in Russia.

Classical music will also play on metro radio, including a New Year’s Song by Andrei Pryazhnikov, a Waltz by Georgy Sviridov, Adagio by Pyotr Tchaikovsky from The Nutcracker, Vienna Sweets by Johann Strauss II and Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G minor.

Russia’s tallest snowman was created in 2013 at Lianozovo Park in Moscow. The snowman was nine metres and 40 centimetres tall. It is included in the Russian Book of Records

For the first time on New Year’s Eve, the Moscow Metro will be open all night.

The Rioma-M radio station has entertained Moscow Metro passengers since the 1970s. Classical and popular music plays on all escalators every day. The playlists are regularly updated.

The Christmas tree ornaments that we know today were first created in 1848 in Lauscha, Thuringia. The first balls were not as light and fragile as today’s. They were made of heavy transparent or colourful glass and covered with a thin layer of lead for a mirror effect.

Trivia: The largest snowflake that has ever been caught and measured had a diameter of more than 12 centimetres.