Three Moscow streets to bear the names of princes Boris and Gleb

Three Moscow streets to bear the names of princes Boris and Gleb
Borisoglebskaya Sloboda, Vyshgorodskaya and Desyatinnaya streets will appear in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas.

Three Moscow streets will be named after the first Russian saints, princes Boris and Gleb. Borisoglebskaya Sloboda will appear in 2017 in the Novofyodorovskoye rural district in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. Two neighbouring streets will be given names that have to do with the history of the princes’ family. One of them will be named Vyshgorodskaya Street after the city of Vyshgorod where saints Boris and Gleb were buried. Another street in the area will be called Desyatinnaya as a reminder of the church of the same name where the brothers’ father, Saint Prince Vladimir the Great, the Christianiser of Rus, was buried.

The streets are located on the premises of a residential complex that has been under construction. They don’t have names yet. The idea to name them after princes Boris and Gleb was forwarded by the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative area Prefect’s office and the Novofyodorovskoye rural district officials. It was supported by the City Interdepartmental Naming Commission under the chairmanship of Deputy Moscow Mayor Leonid Pechatnikov. Eight more names for streets in the administrative area were also approved:

-Generala Donskova Street in honour of Lieutenant General, Great Patriotic War participant Semyon Donskov (Novofyodorovskoye rural district);

-Rusinskaya Roshcha Street named after Rusino village (Shchapovskoye rural district);

-Yevgeniya Rodionova Street commemorating Russian serviceman, Private at the Russian Frontier Troops, holder of the Order of Courage posthumously (Shchapovskoye rural district);

-Satinskaya Alleya Street named after Satino-Russkoye village (Shchapovskoye rural district);

-Kolobenka Street which bears the name of the nearby Kolobenka River (Shchapovskoye rural district);

-Mikhaila Kondakova Street commemorating a merchant who built the local Church of the Ascension in the 19th century (Shchapovskoye rural district);

-Anny Voinovoi Street in honour of landlord and benefactor who built one of the chapels of the local Church of the Ascension (Shchapovskoye rural district);

-Vasiliya Buturlina Street dedicated to Russian military commander of the 17th century who was the hereditary lord of the neighbouring Letovo village (Sosenskoye rural district).

Princes Boris and Gleb were murdered in 1015 in the struggle against their elder brother Svyatopolk the Accursed. Both princes died a martyr’s death and became the first saints of Rus. They are venerated as patrons of the Russian land.