Support structures installed for ‘flying bridge’ at Zaryadye Park

Support structures installed for ‘flying bridge’ at Zaryadye Park
Проектное решение
The bridge will link the park to the embankment and become an unprecedented observation deck.

The permanent support structures have been built for the flying bridge that will link Zaryadye Park to the Moskva River embankment. Temporary support structures are being built on the Moskvoretskaya Embankment.

“Plus, we intend to complete the underground parking for 430 cars in December,” said Andrei Bochkaryov, head of Moscow’s Construction Department. “Only interior utility systems remain to be installed.”

Bochkaryov also said the media centre pavilion would be decorated with stained glass and water sealed. The entrance to the ice cave has been glazed, street lights installed and plastering is being completed.

“Portable heating system was recently moved to the park from the Luzhniki construction site,” said Bochkaryov. “Now the construction sites are being heated and builders can do the internal plastering work in the winter.”

Builders are already working on the landscape zones in the park. Ninety percent of the sand has been delivered, and fertile compost is being laid. More than 100 mature birch trees, fir trees and pines 3-15 metres high have been planted. In all, the park is to have 650 trees.

Zaryadye Park will link pedestrian and tourist routes between Varvarka Street and the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge to Vorobyovy Gory. Here there will be an ice cave and a Philharmonia building with a glassed dome on top. Entrance to the park will be free 24 hours a day. Zaryadye Park will open in 2017.