Traditional Russian street food and porchetta: restaurant offers at winter festival

Traditional Russian street food and porchetta: restaurant offers at winter festival
Kurnik chicken pie, kulebyaka fish pie, pastry and pirozhki, paella and tortillas, sweets, hot ginger kvass with crowberry, pine cone cocktail and much more will be offered by participating restaurants at the Journey to Christmas festival.

Moscow restaurants have opened their shops at the central venues of the Journey to Christmas festival. They are treating guests to Russian and European cuisine, street food and original drinks.

The menu at Revolution (Revolutsii) Square includes borsch with pampushki and sour cream, old Russian ukha fish soup, stuffed zander and suckling pig with corn and mushrooms. Those who want to have a snack on the go can buy traditional Russian street food, including pancakes, chicken pies, fish pies and pirozhki. Pumpkin and mushroom cream soups and beef stroganoff are served in round loaves of rye bread.

If you can’t imagine a meat-free lunch, head to Manezhnaya Square for delicious pork ribs, grilled sausage and turkey. Pastry with pork, chicken or liver and fried onion filling is a must at the restaurant chalet at Kuznetsky Most, outside TsUM. Visitors can buy a chunk of chef’s special porchetta, a traditional Italian roast. Those with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed with an irresistible selection of raspberry meringue, pirozhki stuffed with cabbage, meat and apple, various cakes, cranberry, cowberry and buckthorn juice, hot tea and coffee.

The chalet between Manezhnaya Square and Revolution Square serves frankfurters with sauerkraut, duck goulash soup, noodle soup, pancakes with ricotta and cheesy waffles. The menu will be changing throughout the festival depending on what treats prove to be more popular.

For Spanish food, go to Tverskaya Square. There you can try Spanish tortillas, empanada pastry, chicken and seafood paella. A café on Tverskaya Square serves a variety of tea cocktails, hot tea lemonades and other winter and Christmas drinks, with more than 20 on the menu. Some specialities include Pinecone Up cream tea cocktail based on thick pu-erh with pinecone syrup, berry pu-erh with honeyed cloudberry, hot ginger kvass with crowberry, Honey Bison grog and soothing Hello Chamomile and Good Night with linden honey and herbs.

The Journey to Christmas festival will run for a month, until 15 January. Beautiful Christmas trees, ice slides, ice rinks and illuminating installations have sprung up at festival venues across the city. The festival programme offers shows and concerts, workshops, delicious treats and original souvenirs.