Olympic gold medalist performance and snowball fights: What sport to practice during the New Year holidays

Olympic gold medalist performance and snowball fights: What sport to practice during the New Year holidays
A performance by Russian Olympic gold medalists in syncrhonized swimming, a stage of the Snowboard World Cup featuring 60 of the strongest athletes, as well as sledding and skating competitions await Muscovites before New Year and during the winter holidays that will follow. Mos.ru has chosen a few special events to share with you.

Fans of outdoor activities will have quite a few to watch for. Every area of the city will have some events worth attending.

A performance by Olympic syncronised swimming champions will take place on 26 December at 7 pm at the Dinamo Sports Complex’ swimming stadium (39/53, Leningradskoye Motorway). The entire Russian team of Olympic gold medalists will perform there, led by their head coach Tatyana Pokrovskaya. Also taking part in the show will be the legendary two-time Olympic diving champion Dmitry Sautin, students of Irina Viner-Usmanova’s Olympic reserve school of artistic gymnastics, the Moscow diving team, circus performers and Russia’s flyboard champions and record-breakers.

The big air discipline competition, part of the FIS Snowboard World Cup, will be equally impressive. It will be held on 7 January at the Krylatskoye Olympic Sports Training Centre (2/1, Krylatskaya Street). The competition will bring together 60 of the world’s strongest snowboarders from 21 countries. It will begin at 9 am and will end at 9 pm. A special slopestyle course and a landing platform are being set up for the event.

The 4 January Winter Fun event will be a chance to take part in skiing, skating and even sledding competitions, and a fun snowball game, which will begin at 11:30 am at a school stadium in Vykhino (11a, Snaiperskaya Street). If the weather is too harsh, activities will be held indoors in the school gym.

An open table tennis tournament for the Father Frost prize will be held at the Khoroshyovo Youth Art Palace at 20/1 Tukhachevskogo Street on 8 January. The event will be held from 2:30 to 4 pm, and is open to all participants aged 7 and older.