Moscow to host its first snow look-alike festival

Moscow to host its first snow look-alike festival
Snowmen bearing a striking resemblance to Charlie Chaplin, Winnie the Pooh and Karlsson-on-the-Roof, respectively, will soon appear in Krylatskoye.

Moscow will host its first snow look-alike festival with sculptures of characters from popular books, animated films and movies. The winter festival will take place at Skazka Park in Krylatskoye Administrative Area  next February. Snow sculptors will create more than 150 figures, including folk tale characters Prince Ivan, Koshchei and Swan Princess. In some sculptures visitors will recognise characters from Junior and Karlsson and Winnie the Pooh, and even Charlie Chaplin. Despite the snowman look-alikes being rather fragile, guests will still be able to take selfies.

“The festival guests will have a task to guess which popular character each snowman represents. Those who guess more characters right will be treated to pancakes and tea,” a Skazka Park spokesperson commented.

A 5-metre tall snowman decorated with Christmas lights will be the largest sculpture at the festival. The sculptures will surround the Ferris wheel that is open year-round.

According to Skazka Park Press Service, some snowmen will become part of the children’s park themed landscape. For example, snow dwarves in their traditional caps will appear around the Magic Cave museum and dog sled drivers made of snow will be seen at Husky Land.

In the run-up to the New Year celebration, an ice house will open at Skazka Park where Father Frost will greet park visitors, hold contests and give out presents. Other holiday season entertainment includes Russian horse-drawn and husky-drawn sleigh rides and a tubing slide.

Skazka themed park opened in the summer 2016 at the Moskvoretsky Nature and History Park in the Western Administrative Area. The park comprises a 3.5-hectare Husky Land attraction where visitors can ride a husky sleigh, and an open-air geology museum displaying rocks from all over Russia.