City builds 21 kilometres of metro tunnels since early 2016

City builds 21 kilometres of metro tunnels since early 2016
Eight tunnel-boring machines are now snaking through the city’s underground.

The city has built almost 21 kilometres of metro tunnels since early 2016, Andrei Bochkaryov, Head of the City Department of Construction, noted. Eight of 29 tunnel-boring machines are currently grinding their way through the earth.

Six of them are operating between the Ramenki and Rasskazovka stations on the metro’s Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya Line, and two more are displacing earth between the Elektrozavodskaya and Aviamotornaya stations on the northeastern section of the Third Interchange Circuit (TIC).

As a rule, we use standard six-metre tunnel-boring machines, Mr Bochkaryov explained. But a tunnel-boring machine with a diameter of ten metres is currently being assembled between the Kosino and Yugo-Vostochnaya stations on the Kozhukhovskaya Line. This 66-metre long machine will build two-track tunnels between the Kosino and Nizhegorodskaya Street stations.

The Moscow Metro has used mainly parallel single-track tunnels. The new Third Interchange Circuit line will introduce the double-track tunnel concept. These sections will feature side platform stations. This technology will cut construction costs by up to 30 percent.