“Moscow Circle: A new direction”: exhibition about the MCC to open at the Museum of Moscow

“Moscow Circle: A new direction”: exhibition about the MCC to open at the Museum of Moscow
The exhibition will show the effect of the new railway on life in the city.

An exhibition, entitled “The Moscow Circle: A new direction,” will open at the Museum of Moscow on 20 December. The exhibition will depict the changes in the city after the appearance of the new railway, which became one of the main events in the city's life this past year. Visitors will see historical travel effects, clothing and accessories, railway lanterns and also books, magazines, time-tables, posters, photographs and postcards from the Museum of Moscow funds and private collections.

The centerpiece of the exhibition will be original engineering plans with which the first version of the Moscow Ring Road was built at the end of the 19th century. Among them are Pyotr Rashevsky’s calculations, drawings by Nikolai Belelyubsky and Lavr Proskuryakov of railway bridges and station building plans by Alexander Pomerantsev and Nikolai Markovnikov. Today, these buildings are recognised as paragons of industrial architecture, combining eclecticism with the Moscow art nouveau style.

A separate part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Moscow Central Circle railway in works by contemporary artists. Diana Vouba will present a series of works, entitled “The Way Home,” Darya Konovalova-Infante’s 3D objects built using effects of light and shadow to create an illusion of movement, and Natalia Sitnikova’s “Tunnel” installation depicts a motionless train inside a moving tunnel. The exhibition will also include paintings by Kirill Kipyatkov and art-objects by Alla Urban and Vladimir Nasedkin.

In the auditorium, visitors can watch a film about the contemporary Moscow Ring Road, shot from a train window.

Specially for the exhibition, the Museum of Moscow has prepared an audio version of one of the most popular tours of the city sightseeing agency along the Central Circle railway.