International architecture contests raise Moscow’s profile among world megacities

International architecture contests raise Moscow’s profile among world megacities
Investors advocate holding international architecture contests in Moscow.

International architecture contests are a good way to find the best designs for new buildings in Moscow, Moscow Chief Architect Sergei Kuznetsov said.

Since 2012, Moscow has held 50 contests, with no plans to stop. “It’s nice that in recent years, both investors and developers are seeing the need for architectural diversity and often use such contests to find designs for their buildings,” Kuznetsov said.

He added that the participation of large architectural firms and associations in such contests increases the level of competition and, as a result, the quality of buildings. “Also, architecture contests give a chance to young specialists. They help to discover new talented architects,” the Chief Architect said. 

He believes that such contests raise Moscow’s profile among world megacities. “Moscow is part of a global trend, and it’s regarded today an interesting and attractive city for famous and popular architects who want to see their ideas become reality,” he said. 

Teams of architects from different countries competed for the right to develop the landscape and architectural concept of Zaryadye Park, the concept for developing Moskva River embankments, the renovation concept for Moscow cinemas and the planned residential complex on the Sofiiskaya Embankment. 

In addition, the city will now hold regular contests for metro station designs. Currently, a contest to design the metro stations Rzhevskaya, Sheremetyevskaya and Stromynka of the Third Interchange Circuit is getting underway. The winners will be chosen by April 2017.