MCC relieves load on the Moscow Metro’s Circle Line by up to 15 percent

MCC relieves load on the Moscow Metro’s Circle Line by up to 15 percent
Nearly 21 million trips have already been taken on the Moscow Central Circle. The top three most frequently used stations are Ploshchad Gagarina, Vladykino and Luzhniki.

The Moscow Central Circle (MCC) has eased the traffic load on nearby metro stations by 5-15 percent, Head of the Moscow Metro Dmitry Pegov said.

“The MCC has helped unburden the Circle Line by about 15 percent. Kievskaya station has some 5 percent fewer riders and all the stations adjacent to the MCC are from five to 15 percent less crowded,” Pegov noted.

The launch of the MCC also relieved some of the load on the city’s railway terminals as riders no longer have to go to the terminal stations to transfer to the metro. Passenger flow fell at Yaroslavsky, Belorussky and Savyolovsky railway terminals. On weekdays, the number of passengers at Yaroslavsky terminal fell by 7.5 percent or about 3,000 people a day. Savyolovsky and Belorussky terminals saw a nearly 4 percent decline in passenger traffic.

MCC service began on 10 September. On 8 November, the 31st station, Panfilovskaya was opened, the last to be put into operation. “As of today, we have carried over 20.7 million people on the ring,” Pegov added. The busiest station has been Ploshchad Gagarina where 1.9 million entries and exits have been made, followed by Vladykino with 1.5 million and Luzhniki with 1.3 million trip starts or ends.

Passenger numbers were expected to be about 75 million people in the first year of MCC service, which now may exceed that number by 30-35 million. “If the passenger traffic remains the same , it could reach 105-110 million passengers a year. This is a lot at nearly 46 percent higher than estimated,” the Head of the Moscow Metro pointed out. 

Payments for MCC trips are made using the Moscow Unified Travel Card, 90 Minute Ticket or Troika card. All benefits available on city transport are valid on the MCC. Interchanges within 90 minutes of the Central Circle to metro stations are free. Lastochka fast trains run on the MCC. They are fitted with air conditioning, chemical toilets, information displays, free Wi-Fi and power outlets.