The Moscow monorail to switch to tour mode

The Moscow monorail to switch to tour mode
The shift is scheduled for early 2017. The trains will run on a schedule and with 15-25 minute intervals.

The Moscow monorail will begin operating in tour mode in early 2017 with trains running at 15-25 minute intervals.

“Ridership on the Moscow monorail has declined significantly, and thus, as I promised, we will switch over to a scheduled mode of operations. The train interval time will be 15 minutes or a little more during peak hours, and 20-25 minutes for off-peak hours,” Head of the Moscow Metro Dmitry Pegov said.

The fare will remain the same as on the metro. The same tickets − Moscow Unified Travel Card, 90 Minute Ticket and Troika card − are valid on the monorail, the MCC and the Moscow Metro. A ticket for one trip includes a free transfer within 90 minutes on these connecting routes: metro-MCC (and back); metro-MCC-metro; MCC-metro-monorail; monorail-metro-MCC-metro.

The opening of the new section on the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line and the launch of the Moscow Central Circle last September have led to a decline in interest for the monorail among many passengers who make daily trips.