Muscovites want more Music in the Metro sites

Muscovites want more Music in the Metro sites
Almost 75 percent of Active Citizen users liked the Music in the Metro pilot project. They believe that it should be further developed.

Active Citizen voters supported the Music in the Metro project which started in Moscow last summer. Street musicians were offered special sites for performances at three metro stations (Mayakovskaya, Kurskaya and Vystavochnaya). For the last six months, over a thousand concerts have been held in the metro.

Most of the participants in the voting liked the pilot project, with 73.82 percent of ”active citizens” appreciating the musical performances. They believe the project should be further developed. This was the opinion of most women and participants aged between 18 and 24. The project found the strongest support in the Eastern, Southeastern and Southwestern administrative areas.

Another 0.83 percent of participants praised the project but also sent in their suggestions. Among them are diversifying the repertoire, informing people about concerts and increasing the number of music groups. Recommendations were mostly left by men and participants aged between 25 and 34. This option was most popular in the Central, Northern and Northwestern administrative areas.

In addition, most of those who gave the project the highest mark believed that the number of sites for musical performances should be increased. This was the opinion of 73.84 percent of “active citizens.” Meanwhile, 6.66 percent decided that the existing venues are sufficient and new ones are not needed, with 13.16 percent of participants undecided and the remaining 6.34 percent leaving the decision to professionals.

Finally, 7.68 percent of “active citizens” did not like the project. In their opinion, music groups do not belong in the metro. This option was most popular with participants above 35. Residents of the Northeastern and Southeastern administrative areas often voted this way.

The remaining “active citizens” (17.67 percent) were undecided. In total, over 214,000 people took part in the voting.