Free Wi-Fi available on MCC trains via the integrated transport Wi-Fi network

Free Wi-Fi available on MCC trains via the integrated transport Wi-Fi network
Passengers on the Moscow Central Circle can now connect to the Moscow Transport free Wi-Fi network without going through SMS identification. By the end of the year, the integrated internet network will include suburban trains.

Starting Wednesday, 7 December, the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) has become part of the Moscow Transport integrated free internet space. Now passengers can use the MT_Free network by logging in only once on the metro, on the MCC or on surface transport.

According to First Deputy Head of the Moscow Metro for Strategic Development and Client Work Roman Latypov, there have been more than one million online connections on the MCC already.

“We are sure that integration of the MCC into the Moscow Transport network will be considered as a big advantage by our passengers, as 75 percent of them use both the Ring and the metro in a single trip,” Mr Latypov noted.

The MT_Free network now covers the metro, MCC trains, city public surface transport (buses, trolleybuses and trams) and in Aeroexpress trains and terminals, making Moscow Europe’s largest integrated wireless internet zone. By the end of 2016, it will include suburban trains.

Nearly four million Wi-Fi connections have been registered daily on public transport. The conversion to a single network will be gradual. For a while, the MT_Free network will be displayed as an additional network, giving passengers the option of using either the old or the new network. A full transition to MT_Free is scheduled for spring 2017.

The integrated Wi-Fi space is operated by MaximaTelecom, which is responsible for wireless internet access on the Moscow Metro. Other operators involved in the transfer to the new MT_Free network include Netbynet, whose specialists developed the technological infrastructure on surface transport and MCC trains using domestically-produced equipment. All MCC trains were connected to Wi-Fi prior to the Ring’s launch in September. Channel capacity totals a minimum of 30 Mbit/s for each train.

A free integrated Wi-Fi network is provided as part of the preparation of the Moscow infrastructure for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. MCC trains link large stadiums, including Luzhniki sports complex, the main arena of the upcoming championships.

Traffic was launched on the Moscow Central Circle in September 2016. At present, 31 stations, 14 metro interchange points and six interchange points for suburban trains are operational.

The passenger flow on the Moscow Central Circle has been constantly growing. In November, high-speed Lastochka trains carried over 7.7 million people, which is 800,000 more than in October. Rides on the MCC were free during the first month of its operation. Now the prices are the same as on the metro. Interchanging from the metro to the MCC is free within a 90 minute window.