A job “to grow into”: school students employed by large medical companies

A job “to grow into”: school students employed by large medical companies
Jobs at top-level enterprises are guaranteed to 30 Moscow high school students upon graduating.

Five Moscow school students have concluded employment contracts with large medical companies, which will take effect after they finish school. The signing was conducted as part of the 26th International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals.

“There has been steady growth in the number of applications submitted by Moscow companies seeking involvement in the training of talented school and college students to become qualified personnel. We expect development of the infrastructure of children’s technology parks to provide a many-fold increase in the amount of job contracts with a future start date,” said Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations. Students became acquainted with the future employers at the sites of the Quantorium children’s high-tech parks, and as part of the Technonavigator project, which is aimed at giving talented youth a glimpse into the city’s innovative infrastructure.

Two high school students signed contracts with residents of one of Moscow’s largest private technology parks, Kalibr. Alexander Yeliseyev, a student at high school No. 1554, will be working in the production of sound level meters, vibration sensors and vibroacoustic equipment. Varvara Klinova from school No. 1429 landed a job at Russia’s only company for the engineering and production of articles made of titanium base alloys to be applied in trauma, orthopaedic, spine and maxillo-facial surgeries.

A technology development partner in Energy of a children’s high-tech park, hosted by Technopolis Moscow, has signed a contract with a future start date with 11th-grader Vyacheslav Kuznetsov from school No. 192, which will take effect as of the date when he finishes school. A tenant at Technopark Slava has welcomed high school student Ksenia Topcha from school No. 2120 into its team. The company develops and manufactures innovative orthopaedic devices for lower and upper extremities, corsets and neck braces.

Artyom Boloban, a student at school No. 2006, concluded a contract with a resident company at Technopark Rikor specialising in interactive media technologies. Thirty Moscow school children have signed contracts with a future start date in September . They will be valid after they complete secondary vocational or higher education and military service.