Fiery palm trees and crowns to illuminate the New Year sky over Moscow

Fiery palm trees and crowns to illuminate the New Year sky over Moscow
Фейерверк «Волна» красная
Moscow will launch over 10 different kinds of fireworks in the small hours of 1 January.

Red, blue, green, gold and silver peonies and chrysanthemums will illuminate the Moscow sky to mark the New Year, followed by waterfalls and waves of gold and silver, multi-coloured stars and shimmering starbursts. Over 10 types of fireworks will be set off in the city in the small hours of 1 January.

Muscovites will be entertained by a fiery show of falling shining leaves, palm trees, and brocade crowns with hues of gold, silver and purple.

You can watch the fireworks in Red Square and at 29 other sites across the city. The firework display in Moscow’s main square will begin at midnight sharp. Other displays are scheduled to begin at 1 am on 1 January.



The firework shows can be watched at Gorky Park, Sokolniki Park, and Pobedy Park on Poklonnaya Gora.

Other spots include the usual places for pyrotechnic shows:

Central Administrative Area: Moskvoretskaya Street (midnight).

Western Administrative Area, Novoperedelkino: 18 Fedosyino Street, on the bank of the pond;

Northwestern Administrative Area: 5 Roslovka Street, at the landscape park behind the fitness centre;

Northern Administrative Area, Levoberezhny: Druzhba Park;

Northeastern Administrative Area, Lianozovo: 38 Novgorodskaya Street, on the bank of the pond;

Southeastern Administrative Area: 3 Zarechye Street;

Southern Administrative Area: 25 Borisovskiye Prudy Street (at the Moskva River embankment in Brateyevsky cascade park);

Southwestern Administrative Area, Yuzhnoye Butovo: the vacant lot in Kadyrov Street;

Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas: town of Moskovsky, Moskovsky Sports Centre;

Zelenograd Administrative Area: 4/2 Ozyornaya Street;

Firework displays will also take place at the following parks:

Tagansky Park - Central Administrative Area.

Hermitage Garden - Central Administrative Area.

850th Anniversary of Moscow Park - Southeastern Administrative Area.

Babushkinsky Park - Northeastern Administrative Area.

Izmailovsky Park - Eastern Administrative Area.

Lilac Garden Park - Eastern Administrative Area.

Sokolniki Park - Eastern Administrative Area.

Perovsky Park - Eastern Administrative Area.

Krasnaya Presnya Park - Central Administrative Area.

Severnoye Tushino Park - Northwestern Administrative Area.

Vorontsovo Estate - Southwestern Administrative Area.

Lianozovsky Park - Northeastern Administrative Area.

Goncharovsky Park - Northeastern Administrative Area.

Kuzminki Park - Southeastern Administrative Area.

Sadovniki Park - Southern Administrative Area.

50th Anniversary of October Park - Western Administrative Area.

Gorky Park - Central Administrative Area.

Pobedy Park on Poklonnaya Gora - Western Administrative Area.

Bauman Garden - Central Administrative Area.

New Olympic Village Park - Western Administrative Area.

Fiery palm trees and crowns will light up the Moscow sky on New Year. The official website of the Mayor of Moscow