The world’s largest musical Christmas ornament to be set up on Poklonnaya Gora

The world’s largest musical Christmas ornament to be set up on Poklonnaya Gora
A Christmas tree bauble 17 metres in diameter will play songs about Moscow, the New Year and winter.

A huge Christmas tree bauble with a dance floor inside will be set up on Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow. It made the Guinness World Records 2016 in the Largest Image Made of LED Lights category.

The 17-metre bauble will consist of 23,000 lights, which will also emit music, or more precisely, melodies and songs about Moscow, winter and the New Year. The ornaments on the bauble will change colours and go from snowflakes to firework displays to rings depending on the volume and rhythm of the music.

“Anyone can use the bauble as a huge floor to dance to the soundtracks of ABBA’s Happy New Year, Antonio Vivaldi’s Winter from The Four Seasons, the Moskovskiye Okna (Moscow Windows) song by the girlie band Moskovskiye Devchata (Moscow Girls), and the song Winter by Edurad Khil (“An icy roof, a creaking door” — (,” said a representative of Moscow Fairs, a Moscow budgetary institution.

The assembly of the bauble will begin on 1 December and will take more than a week.

Last year, the 17-metre bauble was set up on Manezhnaya Square. It did not emit music or have a dance floor inside. The Moscow authorities applied to the London committee of the Guinness World Records to recognise the bauble as the largest LED sculpture in the world. In April 2016, the committee confirmed the record in this category.

According to Moscow Fairs, the bauble will be the largest but not the only large New Year decoration in Moscow. A smaller bauble, 11 metres in diameter, will be set up at VDNKh, and the smallest bauble made of LED lights, only 3 metres in diameter, will be installed in Zelenograd.


Moscow will be decorated with 3D light sculptures for the New Year and Christmas, which is celebrated in Russia on 7 January in accordance with the Orthodox tradition. The figure “2017” will be set up at the entrances to fairs and boulevards. Light garlands on trees will turn Kuznetsky Most and Rozhdestvenka streets into an enchanted forest, while Zamoskvorechye will be decorated with floating lanterns of various shapes and sizes. Large Christmas tree baubles emitting soft light will be set up on the Novoarbatsky Bridge.

Father Frost riding a trio of horses will appear near the Triumphal Arch, an angel will fly over Gogolevsky Boulevard, and a glowing amusement park will be set up on Tsvetnoi Boulevard. The artists from Paris who decorated Champs-Elysées with lights and holiday decorations will turn street lamps in Tverskaya Street into champagne flutes.