A palace-like greenhouse to be built in Moscow

A palace-like greenhouse to be built in Moscow
A greenhouse in the form of a fairy-tale palace with exotic tropical and subtropical flowers will open in Sokolniki Park in 2017. Photo sessions will be allowed there for all visitors.

A year-round glass greenhouse with rare and exotic flowers will be built in Sokolniki Park next year. Like the elaborate Victorian conservatories, the greenhouse will have plate glass roof and walls and a colonnaded entrance. Its external appearance will resemble that of a palace. The gallery will be built in the park’s rose garden, which is not open in winter.

The 600-square metre flower palace will house over 50 types of exotic tropical and subtropical plants. Park visitors will be able to hold photo sessions there or enjoy regular tours and exhibitions.

For example, the year-round greenhouse will contain Aechmea, a plant from Central and South America that produces a large pink flower with leathery petals once a year, a relaxing Umbrella Plant (Schefflera), which absorbs negative energy, Phoenix canariensis, a date palm from the Canary Islands, a Plerandra elegantissima (Dizigotheca elegantissima) with edged leaves and delicate white flowers and an orchid collection.


“Wedding photo sessions and small exhibitions will be held in the greenhouse, which will also have a phyto-bar, offering guests freshly squeezed juices, as well as tea and coffee,” said Sokolniki Park Director Andrei Lapshin.

The park has two rose gardens, which are open from May to October. The small rose garden has hybrid tea roses, garden roses, ground cover and climbing roses, as well as Katsura, which is also called Gingerbread Tree because its leaves smell of gingerbread. The small rose garden also has an eastern white pine (Weymouth pine), which is rare in Russia. In spring, the garden becomes pink with apple flowers that resemble the delicate Sakura cherry blossom.

The big rose garden is located on an area of 3.6 hectares and has a collection of over 7,000 roses and trees and shrubs that are unusual for Moscow. The big rose garden is divided into several parts, including a group of flowering low-growing and ground cover plants, a blue garden, a shadow garden under a big oak tree, a lily garden, a red garden, a peony garden and much more.

Moscow’s oldest year-round gallery of exotic plants is open in the Apothecary Garden. The collection is very important scientifically, because it includes rare and endangered brush, flower and tree species, as well as long living plants that are between 100 and 200 years old.