50,000 gifts await the participants in the Journey to Christmas festival

50,000 gifts await the participants in the Journey to Christmas festival
Quest tasks performed with success will earn participants coins that they can then exchange for sweets, cinema tickets and souvenirs.

Participants in the Happy Time quest will have a great time and win 50,000 gifts. The quest will take place from 16 December to 15 January as part of the Journey to Christmas festival.

At the festival venues, you can test your knowledge of New Year and Christmas traditions, take part in contests with Grandpa Tik-Tak and his granddaughter Minutka, and simply enjoy yourself. Taking part in the quest gives you the chance to win sweets, cinema tickets, warm scarves, hats and much more.

To take part, first go to the Quest chalet at any of the 16 festival venues, get the Quest Participant Passport there, and set out on your journey through the festival. Each Quest chalet has a magic clock, which shows not only the questions and tasks, but also has sectors with instant prizes and bonuses. You turn the clock face and perform the tasks. In reward, you get a stamp in your passport proving you have completed the particular venue’s quest, and a gold coin.

Once you have enough coins, you can go to either of the two main Christmas shops for gifts. The shops are located by the monument to Kliment Timiryazev on Tverskoi Bulvar, and at 17 Kosygina Street. Here, you can choose a souvenir to your liking from among seven categories: Time, Time for Tea, Time to Watch a Movie, Time to Go for a Walk, Time to Decorate the Christmas Tree, Time to Wrap Presents, and Time to Decorate the House.   

Addresses of quest venues:

  • 17 Kosygina Street
  • Tverskoi Bulvar (by the monument to Kliment Timiryazev)
  • Tverskoi Bulvar (by the monument to Sergei Yesenin)
  • 19 Arbat Street
  • Kamergersky Pereulok, Building 2
  • Gogolevsky Bulvar
  • 10-14 Stoleshnikov Pereulok
  • Kuznetsky Most (by TsUM)
  • 8 Klimentovsky Pereulok
  • Rozhdestvenka Street
  • 62 Leningradsky Prospekt
  • Sokolnicheskaya Ploshchad
  • Marshala Chuikova Street, Building 3
  • Ploshchad Yevropy
  • Sirenevy Bulvar, building 1, Troitsk
  • Ploshchad Yunosti, Building 2, Zelenograd