Moscow Kremlin Museum to create exhibition space at “Middle Trade Rows” buildings

Moscow Kremlin Museum to create exhibition space at “Middle Trade Rows” buildings
Проектное решение
This project has been harmonised with the historical buildings’ architecture.

Moscow’s Architecture Council has approved a project for the reconstruction of building 5 on Red Square. A new exhibition venue for the Moscow Kremlin Museum will appear at the so-called Middle Trade Rows buildings, which once belonged to the Ministry of Defence and have been closed for repairs for several years.

The city’s Chief Architect, Sergei Kuznetsov, believes that the reconstruction can be completed within three years by the end of 2019. The money for the project will come from a federal targeted programme.

Around 20,000 square metres of exhibition space will be built in the Middle Trade Rows under the project that, according to Mr Kuznetsov, will be harmonised with the historical building’s architecture.

The first floors will provide recreational and educational functions and house temporary exhibits. Galleries can be set up here and other art events may be launched,” he said.


Mr Kuznetsov described Middle Trade Rows as landmark buildings both for Moscow and all of Russia. “We thought it important that there should be an open entrance from the first floor to the buildings overlooking Red Square,” he explained.

The term Middle Trade Rows is used for a complex of buildings in central Moscow. Designed by architect Roman Klein and built in 1889-1893, Middle Trade Rows occupy a fairly large area bordered by Varvarka and Ilyinka streets and Khrustalny and Moskvoretsky alleys. The compound is part of Moscow’s architectural heritage.