Moscow Zoo to offer free admission during Father Frost’s visit

Moscow Zoo to offer free admission during Father Frost’s visit
On Thursday, 24 November, Muscovites will enjoy free activities. They can watch a New Year performance, go on an excursion led by Father Frost and learn about the  symbol of 2017 – the Fire Rooster.

The Department of Culture and the Moscow Zoo have prepared a present for Muscovites and tourists. On 24 November, admission to the Moscow Zoo will be free between 9 am and 1 pm as Father Frost starts his New Year tour.

“Father Frost’s visit will be held at the Moscow Zoo at noon on 24 November. Admission to the zoo will be free between 9 am and 1 pm,” the zoo press service reported.

According to the press service, the zoo will turn into a magical Zoopolis at noon. The Zoopolis performance was designed specifically for the ceremony of meeting Father Frost. It tells the story of a lost monkey that needs to get home – to hot Africa. Father Frost and the Fire Rooster, the symbol of the coming year, will help the monkey to find the way. 

When the monkey leaves for Africa on a magical train, Father Frost will lead an excursion around the zoo. He will bring visitors to the Primates pavilion, where gorillas, orangutans, capuchins and other monkeys live.

The last stop on New Year adventure will introduce guests to the main symbol of 2017 – the Fire Rooster. Father Frost will tell the audience about the most famous roosters of world folklore.

In addition, four warm chalets will open this day in the old part of the zoo. There, masters from the Vologda Region will conduct workshops on making New Year tree decorations.

The Moscow Zoo will be open every day during the New Year holidays.