Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena to get 25,000 new seats and a media roof

Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena to get 25,000 new seats and a media roof
Most of Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena is to be renovated before the year is out.

In February 2017,  the new spectator seating at the central stadium of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex will be in place, said Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin.

“There are plans to install 25,000 seats before this year is out. Eight thousand seats have already been put in. The upgraded stadium will have 81,000 seats,” Mr Khusnullin noted.

In August 2014, city residents voting on the Active Citizen website opted for crimson-red seating. A design agency selected nine upholstery hues for effectively accentuating the entire colour concept of the stadium bowl.

Experts have also started assembling the media roof’s components, said Galina Gordyushina, Director for Designing Civilian Facilities at the city’s engineering and road construction company Mosinzhproject.

“The upgraded arena will receive a media roof by late winter or early spring,” she said.

Numerous LED lamps will be built into the roof of the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena. The roof will then turn into a huge media screen with an area of 39,000 square metres. The screen will become an element of the facility’s architectural lighting. During sport events, the screen will display game scores, team flags and other information. The media roof is designed to withstand abnormally hot and cold weather and can function at temperatures between minus 30 and plus 50 degrees Celsius.

Earlier, Mr Khusnullin said that most of the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena should be renovated before this year is out.

The stadium is getting an overhaul in the run-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup that will take place in 11 Russian cities. The Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena will host the opening ceremony, the first match, one of the semifinals and the final game.

The upgraded stadium’s capacity will increase from 78,000 to 81,000, and the grandstands will be located as close to the football field as possible.

The entire Luzhniki Olympic Complex is being renovated in the run-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. An aquatic sport centre with indoor swimming pools and a water park is under construction here. The complex will also have a joint control centre making it possible to watch all the grandstands and the football field, as well as two large video screens.

The stadium will turn into a real masterpiece, Mr Khusnullin earlier noted. “Not only will it rank among the 10 largest football stadiums worldwide, but it will become a world-class sport facility of which we will not feel ashamed,” Mr Khusnullin stressed.

Apart from Luzhniki, the Otkrytiye Arena/Spartak Stadium that was built and opened in 2014 will host 2018 FIFA World Cup matches.