Transparent bridge in Zaryadye Park to be completed by spring

Transparent bridge in Zaryadye Park to be completed by spring
Birches will be planted in Zaryadye Park soon, to be followed by pines and fir trees. The park will open by City Day in 2017.

The V-shaped observation platform built as a transparent bridge above the river will be completed by spring. It is 20 percent finished now: workers are building substructures, said Galina Gordyushina, director for civilian projects at Mosinzhproekt, a leading engineering, construction and project management company in Russia.

Zaryadye Park will open by City Day next year. “We are sure that the pedestrian areas of the park will open by this time. There are no reasons why this cannot be done,” Gordyushina said.

The pavilions have been built in the park and will open as soon as equipment is installed there. “There is a huge underground parking lot and four pavilions above it on the surface,” she said. “Only the pavilions’ facades will be open to the air, while the opposite sides will go down below surface and will be covered with soil.”


Work is underway in the park to create the four traditional Russian landscape zones: tundra, steppe, forest and wetland. Over 5,400 cubic metres of soil is needed to plant a birch grove, and as much as 31,100 cubic metres for the whole of the park. Soil will be laid in 20-centimetre layers. The fertility depth differs for each zone, from one metre for birch and fir groves to 50 centimetres for the steppe zone.

The plants for the park have been chosen by a working group of experts from the Main Botanical Gardens of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Botanical Gardens of Moscow State University. The first trees were planted in September. In all, there will be 6,600 bushes, 718,000 flowers and over 1,000 trees, including about 600 large-sized plants, in the park. “We will plant 138 birch trees soon, to be followed by fir trees and pines,” Gordyushina said. The existing large and healthy trees will be preserved.

Zaryadye Park will connect the pedestrian and tourist routes from Varvarka and the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge to Vorobyovy Gory. The park will have an ice cave, a transparent bridge above the Moskva River, and a glass dome of the Philharmonic Society building with a greenhouse on the roof. Entry to the park will be free round the clock.