Moscow Metro launches an online quest with ‘secret missions’ for Wi-Fi users

Moscow Metro launches an online quest with ‘secret missions’ for Wi-Fi users
Free travel cards and other prizes are awaiting the winners.

The Moscow Metro invites riders to participate in an online quest game called Network. Riders will have a chance to unravel riddles and carry out “secret missions” at stations to prevent an “alien invasion”. To access the game, passengers must connect to the free Wi-Fi network on board the trains. The quiz will run from 22 November through 22 December.

The game’s scenario is based on a funny report that “aliens are planning to sack all metro cleaners and strip the stations’ in-command officers of their powers.” Residents have 30 days to decipher a secret message and not let that happen.

Only registered Wi-Fi users can participate in the game. All they need to do is connect to the onboard Wi-Fi and click the Enter the Game button. After that, the gamers will be able to access the missions. All riddles have to do with metro stations.

“If riders take interest in the quest, we will consider the possibility of launching it on the Moscow Central Ring (MCR) as well,” a Moscow Metro spokesperson said.

“The winners will be chosen according to a special rating system. The top three gamers who solve the biggest number of riddles faster than the rest will receive the main prize – iPhone 7 smartphones. Other prizes include Unified (for all types of public transit) travel cards for one, three and 12 months, quest certificates and premium internet access packages,” a source from the Maxima Telecom company told reporters.

In the beginning of the year, the Moscow Metro hosted the Reading Moscow literary quest in which any riders could take part. Metro ticket offices sold four types of tickets, each containing an excerpt from Samuil Marshak’s poem The Metro. Riders who managed to piece all excerpts together to reconstruct the full text of the poem received a book as a prize.

Last year, the Night in the Metro cultural and educational project was launched. In November 2015, Novoslobodskaya station played host to the first Yoga Night in the Metro event. More than 100 people gathered at the station at night to do yoga and watch Indian national dances. In January 2016, a show lecture devoted to a legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla, took place at Mendeleyevskaya station. In late May, metro riders were able to admire performances by the best Russian circus conjurers at Sretensky Bulvar station and learn interesting facts about the history of the genre in Russia. In October 2016, riders could participate in the Night of Social Advertising and watch dozens of video clips on burning issues dealing with environmental protection, healthcare and people-to-people relationships.