Brand-new benches installed at 15 MCC stations

Brand-new benches installed at 15 MCC stations
Some of the benches in station entrance halls are located near outlets for charging mobile devices.

Forty benches have been installed in the entrance halls of 15 Moscow Central Circle (MCC) stations. Passengers can relax and wait for their friends there. There are plans to install 60 more benches at almost every MCC station before the year is out.

“Each two-metre stainless steel bench is covered with transparent refractory glass,” said First Deputy Moscow Metro Chief Roman Latypov. “The first benches have already been installed at the most congested stations, including Ploshchad Gagarina, Luzhniki, Kutuzovskaya, Botanichesky Sad and Baltiiskaya,” he added.

Riders can relax on benches, some of which are located near outlets for charging mobile devices, including telephones, tablet computers and laptops. In all, 24 charging stations have been installed to date, and 24 more will appear at MCC stations before the year is out. Each station will have 16 USB ports and eight 220-volt sockets.

Passenger traffic on the MCC route was launched on 10 September, and the 31st and last station, Panfilovskaya, opened on 8 November. Passenger trains now operate along the entire MCC circuit. Riders can change from the MCC to metro stations and vice versa free of charge over a 90-minute period.

For more details on the MCC, go to the special project.

Benches have been installed at the following station entrances:

  • Andronovka;
  • Koptevo;
  • Streshnevo;
  • Bulvar Rokossovskogo;
  • Baltiiskaya;
  • Zorge;
  • Lokomotiv;
  • Ploshchad Gagarina;
  • Luzhniki;
  • Kutuzovskaya;
  • Botanichesky Sad;
  • Shosse Entuziastov;
  • Delovoi Tsentr;
  • Shelepikha.