Study and hobby groups for 800,000 young Muscovites

Study and hobby groups for 800,000 young Muscovites
Photo: Photo by the Mayor and Moscow Government Press Service. Denis Grishkin
The city remains committed to promoting extracurricular education in Moscow. Over 120,000 workshops teaching various skills have been launched in the city, and there are also industrial parks where young people can engage in scientific work.

The city’s creative centres and various workshops at schools, colleges and universities attract 800,000 young Muscovites. The Moscow Mayor visited the building of the Na Vadkovskom Creativity Centre, which has recently undergone major repairs.

Five years ago about 400,000 children in the city were receiving extracurricular education,” Sergei Sobyanin said. “It seemed to be an impressive figure. Since then, we’ve managed to bring it to over 800,000. We’ve contacted our leading enterprises, colleges and universities asking them to hold classes for schoolchildren, so they can receive extracurricular education and vocational guidance. This is very important. We’ve launched electronic booking, so we can know exactly how many children are attending hobby and study groups so as to prevent any possibility of tampering with records with the aim of getting more funding than is actually needed. This system is gradually gaining momentum.”

The Moscow Mayor added that over 120,000 workshops teaching various skills had already opened in Moscow and there are also industrial parks where youth can engage in scientific work.

According to director of the Na Vadkovskom Creativity Centre Yuliya Livshits, over 85 percent of children attend free classes, including gifted children and children with special needs. “The most important thing is that we can hold free classes for children who need them,” Livshits said.

The Na Vadkovskom Creativity Centre was established in the early 1990s on the basis of the former House of Pioneers in the Sverdlovsky District. Built in 1976 at 3 Vadkovsky Pereulok, the centre occupies 4,600 square metres. A unit of the centre, the Rossiya Molodaya (Young Russia) Centre, opened at 43 Prospekt Mira in 2014.

Since 2015, the Na Vadkovskom Creativity Centre has been overseen by the Department of Labour and Social Security. Over 6,000 children between the ages of four and 18 attend the centre, including children with disabilities, orphans, children deprived of parental care and children from families with many children and low-income families.

The Na Vadkovskom Creativity Centre receives a facelift

Major repairs of the main building of the Na Vadkovskom Creativity Centre carried out from July–September 2016 were funded from the city budget.

The work included renovating the façade of the building, installing new window frames, new pipes and new stop valves for the hot and cold water supply systems and upgrading the heating system, ventilation, video surveillance and the fire alarm.

The building has been made accessible for people with limited mobility. The centre has been outfitted with new furniture and equipment, including laser machine-tools, 3D printers, stands for robotics, work benches, electrics and audio and stage equipment for the assembly hall.

The improvement of the area around the centre included making a new grass lawn, planting flowers and bushes and installing a new fence around the area and a new asphalt pavement.

Extracurricular education for young Muscovites

The Na Vadkovskom Creativity Centre is a diversified institution for extracurricular education, which pays special attention to working with children who need social aid and support. Its head is Merited Teacher of Russia Yuliya Livshits.

The centre employs 149 staff: extracurricular education teachers, organisers, psychologists and support personnel. It runs 157 extracurricular programmes to develop various skills, including in:

art (dancing associations, a music studio and art workshops);

sport (a football school, a tennis group and a martial arts group);

science and engineering (modelling, design, robotics and programming classes);

tourism and regional studies (a tourist skills school and a sports tourism group);

social education (a club for children with autism and children diagnosed with cancer and other diseases, and an early development school).

This year, the centre served as the venue for over 500 themed festivals, concerts, tournaments, competitions, exhibitions and fairs.

Other activities include creativity and specialised educational camps and outings and events to provide psychological and educational support to families and children, as well as vocational guidance to children and youth.

The centre also implements programmes drawing on support from 18 organisations handling family and childhood issues, which are subordinate to the Department of Labour and Social Security.

For its successful operation, the Na Vadkovskom Creativity Centre received a Moscow Mayoral Grant in 2012 and was given a Public Recognition award in 2010 and 2014. The centre was the winner of the Russian National Festival of Extracurricular Education Institutions in the Central Federal Area for 2011.