18th International New European Theatre Festival kicks off in Moscow

18th International New European Theatre Festival kicks off in Moscow
Спектакль «Золотой осёл. Разомкнутое пространство работы»
Audiences look forward to unique plays, shows and special projects.

The 18th International New European Theatre Festival will be held in Moscow on 17 November-6 December. Its programme includes British utopian play Tomorrow’s Parties. It describes the hopes and phobias of living people and their insurmountable fear of the future. It is no accident that the dialogue ends with the idea that sometime in the future human life will last only for an hour.   

Vangelo, a play by Italian producer Pippo Delbono, is one of the programme’s strongest dark horses. The elderly autistic Bobo, whom Pippo Delbono rescued from an asylum, and Gianluca, a transvestite with Down syndrome, are company artists. Pippo Delbono is trying to rid art of artificial flavour and turn the play on stage into a confession.

Dmitry Volkostrelov’s play Karina and Drone is about the life of today’s teenagers. Its text looks like a combination of accidental scenes accompanied by human speech.

The programme also includes French dance and choreographer Jerome Bel’s Gala, a dance involving mentally disabled dancers. It will be shown once – on the Theater of Nations Grand Stage.

The phenomenon of Israeli dance will be presented in Yasmeen Godder’s Climax. Forming a circle and looking into each other’s eyes, the dancers are situated in close proximity to the public, allowing themselves and the viewers to be captured and released from each other’s grasp. They are conveying signals by means of movement, pantomime, yelling, singing and silence, sometimes relaxing and sometimes tension-filled.


The first Russian stage version of Bertolt Brecht’s play Refugee Conversations focuses on two German refugees in World War II. They are discussing both global issues facing humanity and minor day-to-day problems.

The Revenants is the immersive adaptation of Ibsen’s classic story Ghosts through a Lynch/surrealist lens. It puts the audience into the epicentre of mysterious events that are taking place simultaneously in an ancient mansion. During long rehearsals, Russian actors learned special methods of interacting with the audience.

The programme also presents The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Lungs, and The Golden Ass. Expanded Work Space, as well as two special projects – the 10 10 10 multimedia performance and an exhibition devoted to the work of German artist Christoph Schlingensief.


For more details, visit http://netfest.ru/en/