VDNKh to get a forest of light with bears, elks and snowy owls

VDNKh to get a forest of light with bears, elks and snowy owls
The light installation will be located at the centre of the skating rink.

Visitors to VDNKh will soon see an enchanted forest. At the centre of the skating rink, which opens on 25 November, an installation will feature trees made of light, illuminated Christmas trees and animal figures: bears, elks, reindeer and others. The six-metre-high art installation will shine with all the changing shades of the northern lights. 

Fifty-six decorative elements make up the composition. Nearby the Peoples’ Friendship fountain, visitors will see a spiral-shaped fir tree with a snowy owl, and a sign saying “2017 – Year of the Environment” draped across the tree. Further on, the Northern Lights bridge will soar above the skating rink, and on the other side of the rink will be the Enchanted Forest installation. Visitors will be able to skate around it and use it as a backdrop for photos.

“Visitors can see the enchanted forest at VDNKh for as long as the skating rink is operating – from 25 November, 2016, to the end of the winter season on 5 March, 2017,” the VDNKh press service said. 

The installation has a total area of 1,700 square metres and will be made of metal components, wood, mirrors, LED strip lights and other elements. It is dedicated to Year of the Environment, which Russia will mark in 2017.

The VDNKh skating rink will open with a big show on Friday, 25 November. Actors, figure skaters and visitors will create light figures in the air. A dance flash mob, fireworks display and a show by German light theatre Dundu will also be part of the programme.