Government services website reschedules doctor’s appointments

Government services website reschedules doctor’s appointments
Until recently, you had to cancel an appointment and book a new one.

The Moscow government services website has improved the doctor’s appointment service. Now it is possible to reschedule an appointment while just recently, the only way to do it was to cancel and book a new appointment.

Now you can reschedule appointments made independently as well as those made on doctor’s referral. This is a huge improvement on the past system, when you had to book an appointment at the clinic’s registry office even if you had a referral. Now, all patients’ records are to be found in one information window, reports the Moscow Committee for Government Services.

Doctor’s appointment booking is one of the most popular services on the website. More than eight million appointments have been made since the year’s start, and 21 million since the service was established.

Twenty percent of appointments are booked online, and 15 percent patients’ applications come through the Moscow government services website.

All Moscow government services have been available on since 1 November. When the transition period ends, the site will be the main access point to the city online services.