Welcoming the New Year in Moscow: New Year trees, a lighted amusement park and the Fire Rooster

Welcoming the New Year in Moscow: New Year trees, a lighted amusement park and the Fire Rooster
Central Moscow will feature light sculptures, including Father Frost, a flying angel and Christmas baubles.

The Moscow Government has approved a concept for the New Year decorations, which will be based on Italian ornaments making up the figure 2017. According to the Chinese zodiac, the animal for the coming year is the Fire Rooster. Its figure will be made in red and toffee colours surrounded by mostly white ornaments with red and blue elements.

In the next few weeks, 35 New Year trees will be set up in Moscow, the tallest of them, 25 metres high, will be on Lubyanka Square.

Animal of the year with Italian roots

There are several reasons for the choice of the Italian style for the New Year decorations in Moscow. One of them is that Russia and Italy are very similar culturally.

“Italians are among the world’s leaders in urban architectural lighting. Ornaments are very good for creating a harmonious and attractive New Year style. We used this approach last year, which the public enjoyed,” said an official at the Municipal Services Complex, which is responsible for decorating the city for festivities.

The Fire Rooster will be painted on Christmas baubles and used to decorate parks, shop windows and municipal transport tickets. Over 2,000 New Year posters with the figure “2017” will be put up around Moscow, including about 800 three by six metre billboards. New Year greetings will be broadcast on the media façade of the Central Telegraph building and on 40 digital billboards.

“The figure ‘2017’ will be made up of the main elements of festive decorations to produce both a distinct style and the feeling of a cosy family celebration,” the official at the Municipal Services Complex said.

Italian ornaments will be also used in light structures that will be installed for the New Year. There will be structures with architectural lighting such as light fountains, arcs, gift boxes and starscapes.

A play of light: New Year illumination

Under this year’s decoration concept, people will be able to walk through squares, streets and lanes from one light installation to another as if in broad daylight. Each street will have impressive and distinctive light elements, which will set Moscow districts apart from each other.

The light figure “2017” will be also installed at the entrance to fairs and boulevards.

Tree lighting in the Kuznetsky Most and Rozhdestvenka districts will transform the districts into a fairy-tale forest. The main decoration in Zamoskvorechye will be lanterns of different forms and sizes hovering in the air.

The city will be decorated with 3D light sculptures, including huge Christmas baubles emitting a warm light on the Novoarbatsky Bridge.

Father Frost riding a trio of horses will appear near the Triumphal Arch, an angel will fly over Gogolevsky Boulevard, and a lighted amusement park will be set up on Tsvetnoi Boulevard.

Valenki, mittens, orange wedges and other New Year tree decorations

There will be 35 New Year trees in central Moscow and other neighbourhoods this year. The largest of them, on Lubyanka Square, will be about 25 metres tall.

The New Year trees will be decorated with light and matte baubles in red, orange, gold, silver, violet and blue. Baubles with the figure “2017” will be lighted from inside. Other decorations on the New Year trees will include firebird toppers, shining orange wedges, mittens and valenki, or felt shoes, with bullfinches and other pictures, as well as white and yellow string lights.

The Journey to Christmas festival, which will be open from 16 December to 15 January, will have themed lighting and decorations.


New Year trees will be set up on/at:

  1. Lubyanskaya Square
  2. Kutuzovsky Prospekt – on the Poklonnaya Gora hill
  3. Manezhnaya Square – in the centre of the festival area
  4. Kosygina Street – near the viewing platform on Vorobyovy Gory
  5. 36 Novy Arbat Street – at the Moscow Government building
  6. Volkhonka Street – at the Christ the Saviour Cathedral
  7. Vozdvizhenka Street – at the Russian State Library
  8. Arbatskaya Square – at the Khudozhestvenny Movie House
  9. Krasnaya Presnya Street – at the Zoo entrance
  10. Zubovskaya Square – the park in front of the Accounts Chamber
  11. Ernst Thälmann Square – at the Aeroport metro station
  12. Prospekt Marshala Zhukova– near Marshal Zhukov Park
  13. 13 Khachaturyana Street
  14. Sokolniki Square
  15. 40 Zelenodolskaya Street
  16. Novotsaritsynskoye Motorway – in the Tsaritsyno Museum Estate
  17. Kosygina Street – at the House of Children’s and Teenagers’ Creativity
  18. Kutuzovsky Prospekt – at the Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum
  19. Zelenograd – at the Zelenograd Culture Centre on Central Square
  20. Troitsk, near 2 Sirenevy Boulevard
  21. Sretensky Boulevard – at the LUKOIL building
  22. the Kitai-Gorod metro station – on Slavyanskaya Square
  23. Taras Shevchenko Embankment – at the Hotel Radisson Royal
  24. Kievsky Railway Station Square – in front of the Yevropeisky Mall
  25. 37 Zemlyanoi Val Street
  26. Triumfalnaya Square
  27. Pushkinskaya Square – at the Izvestia building
  28. Nikitskiye Vorota Square – at the TASS building
  29. VDNKh – in front of the Moskvarium
  30. Zatsepsky Val Street – across from the Paveletsky Railway Station
  31. Sadovaya-Spasskaya Street – at the junction with Prospekt Akademika Sakharova
  32. Rublyovskoye Motorway – at the junction with Osenny Boulevard
  33. Dorogomilovskaya Zastava Square
  34. Bolshaya Yakimanka Street – at the junction with Polyanka Street
  35. Komsomolskaya Square