Hackathon participants to develop apps based on Moscow’s open data

Hackathon participants to develop apps based on Moscow’s open data
The hackathon will highlight the best apps and research. The Moscow Government set up a special category for the contest.

On 8-9 October, Moscow will host its fourth open data hackathon, sponsored by the Government Analytical Centre. This year, the Moscow open data portal will participate.

During the two-day contest, software researchers, analysts, journalists and designers will team up to develop and present projects based on open data. The Analytical Centre venue will become a training ground for new ideas.

The hackathon will feature the categories Best Open Data App and Best Research with the Use of Open Data. This year, the Moscow Government will add a new category, Best Municipal Service with the Use of Open Data.

Participation in the competition is free and requires on-line registration.

The Moscow open data portal has operated since 2013 and has over 750 data sets. Information on the portal comes from storage which the Moscow Government uses for interdepartmental interaction.

The portal features information about springs, a list of fairs, a road repairs map, an archaeology findings map and others. The huge volume of data was divided into 27 categories for users’ convenience.

Moscow’s open data has long been the basis for over 30 mobile applications, including projects of municipal agencies and independent IT companies. Developers can download the information in a special machine-readable format.

Among the services using open data are the apps BiBi, Check Your Unpaid Balances and Traffic Fines that help manage unpaid receipts and fines; VeloMoskva for cyclists; the Barierov.net app which plans routes for people with disabilities; Mamnadzor that finds the most convenient route for walking with baby carriages; and Kidradar for helping parents monitor their child’s academic performance. You can read more about services for Muscovites in the article Digital City: Mobile Apps and Internet Services Based on Open Data.