Farmers from over 20 Russian regions to take part in the Golden Autumn cheese market

Farmers from over 20 Russian regions to take part in the Golden Autumn cheese market
Visitors will have a chance to taste over 100 varieties of Russian cheese and even participate in the cheese making process.

Cheese Days will take place during the Golden Autumn Festival between 30 September and 2 October. City Market at Ploshchad Revolutsii, Autumn Picnic (between Ploshchad Revolutsii and Manezhnaya Square) and Bird Haven (Manezhnaya Square) will be the main festival venues.

Some 60 farmers from over 20 regions will bring their produce to the markets. Half of the producers will make their debut there and have a chance to enter the big market. Over 50 tonnes of 100 artisan cheese varieties will be presented at the festival.

All this cheese

Guests will be able to try goat and sheep cheese, including famous kinds such as Brie, Camambert, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella and Burrata. Fresh Buche, Crottin and mature Tomme de Chevre will be brought from the Smolensk Region.

Visitors will select the best of 10 Adygeya cheeses, try exclusive Comrade Kopiski farm products, traditional Italian Gorgonzola, Moscow Regional semi-firm Governor’s cheese and hard Bergkase as well as soft cheeses based on old French technology, from the village of Maslovka in the Lipetsk Region.

Foodies will enjoy home-made delicacies, including cheese in olive oil with sundried tomatoes, basil, adjika sauce and dill. The most unusual dessert on offer will be cheese sweets: truffles with hard cheese filling and two varieties with blue cheese.

The Russian dairy market is teeming with cheese production these days. Since the beginning of the year, cheese production has gone up 2.2 percent to 395,500 tonnes compared to the same period last year. The majority comes from the Altai Territory and the Voronezh, Moscow and Bryansk regions. A new niche product for Russia is blue cheese.

According to the Russian Agriculture Ministry, cheese imports have decreased by 14 percent since 2015, which led to a significant growth in domestic production (35.6 percent, from 428,600 tonnes in 2013 to 581,300 tonnes in 2015).

Cheese Days educational programme

The festival programme includes lectures and workshops by successful cheesemongers. On 30 September, the Bird Haven site on Manezhnaya Square will host three exciting classes and a food show. At noon, cheese expert Alexander Krupetskov will introduce guests to expert cheese tasting techniques. At 1.15 pm, cheese manufacturer John Kopiski will continue the programme with his talk on how to conquer the world by making your own cheese. At 2 pm spectators will witness the making of a new cheese variety, Moskovsky, the recipe for which was developed specially for the festival. The cheese will be made right on the square on an open fire.

At the culinary school at the Tasty Weekdays site by TsUM, prominent Moscow chefs will teach guests to cook original meals. At 3 pm and 4.15 pm they will be making cheese soup and fried Suluguni cheese with a hot tomato sauce, Chicken Kiev with cheese at 5.30 pm and Arancini with soft cheese at 7 pm.

On 2 October at noon, visitors of the Bird Haven site will be able to learn about traditional French cheese recipes and technology, and about cheese maturation at 1.15 pm.

The Golden Autumn Festival is taking place in Moscow between 23 September and 9 October at 49 venues. Festival guests will be able to purchase quality seasonal produce from 37 Russian regions and countries of the Customs Union, and participate in the entertainment programme and workshops. Cheese Days will lead into Fish Week, which begins on 3 October.