Moscow civil registry office launches take-a-number system

Moscow civil registry office launches take-a-number system
The newly opened Shipilovsky Civil Registry Office has introduced a take-a-number system for ten services, including marriage application, divorce registration, birth or death registration, or change of name.

The first civil registry office has introduced a take-a-number system in Moscow. The service is being tested at the Shipilovsky Civil Registry Office in the Southern Administrative Area. There are no more Office’s rooms designated specifically for one service. Visitors can take a number and get served in any of the rooms. Available services are marriage application, divorce registration, certificates, birth or death registration.

The ticket terminal is located in the hall on the first floor. Numbers appear on a screen, also in the hall, as an employee becomes available.

According to the Moscow Directorate for Registry Offices, the take-a-number system is available for the following services:

— birth registration;

— adoption registration;

— death registration;

— paternity registration;

— divorce registration;

— marriage application;

— change of name registration;

— issuance of certificates of civil and marital status from the archive;

— certificate  (document) correction;

— request for certificates from foreign countries.

The Shipilovsky Civil Registry Office opened on 7 September 2016. The first marriage ceremony took place at the office on 10 September on City Day. The new office has disabled access, a children’s play area and a baby changing table. It is the second office registering marriages with foreign nationals from non-CIS states, the first being Marriage Registration Palace No 4 on Butyrskaya Street.

Marriage applications can also be submitted via

— any My Documents centre;

— public services web portal (all necessary papers must be brought on the day of the wedding).

Other services provided by My Documents centres include:

— birth registration;

— paternity registration;

— death registration;

— issuance of copies of civil or marital status registration (only for Russian nationals);

— wedding anniversary celebration.

At the centre, it is also possible to submit a marriage application (only for Russian citizens) and file for divorce (only for Russian citizens, upon mutual consent of the spouses who do not have children under 18).

The Advisor section at helps select the most suitable civil registry office or a marriage registration palace.