Metro station with rooftop benches to be built in Moscow

Metro station with rooftop benches to be built in Moscow
Lawns will be planted and sidewalks built on the flat low-rise roofs over the vestibules, and a small park will be laid out around the metro station.

Recreation areas will be built on the roofs of a new CSKA metro station of the Third Interchange Circuit that will open by the end of the year. Under the approved design, the two entrance halls will have flat low-rise roofs, on which lawns will be planted and several benches will be installed. Comfortable stairs will lead to the roofs, which will have sidewalks along the perimeter. Small parks will be planted around the two entrance halls.

According to the press service of the Urban Development and Construction Complex (Stroicomplex), the irregular oval entrance halls will be glazed and therefore transparent. “The vestibules of the CSKA metro station will fit in with the urban development plans for the district. Their flowing lines will emulate the hills in the park that will be planted near the station,” a press representative said.

Each of the two vestibules will have five underground floors, two of them technical ones. The platform will be located on the lower floor, with public space and a 5,400-square-metre shopping area located on the two floors above it.

The station will be painted red and blue, the colours of the CSKA club. A decorative composition on the station’s ceiling will depict the CSKA club sports, including football players, skydivers, horse riders and yachtsmen. Computer-aided colour printing technology will be used to make drawings on aluminium panels and glass.

Four bronze sculptures will be installed on the platform: a skier, basketball player, hockey player and footballer. The statues will be made at the Grekov Studio of Military Art.

“The sculptures will be placed on cylindrical bases made of light-grey granite branded with the CSKA logo and acronym. The sculptures will be about five metres high together with the base,” said architect Alexander Orlov, who designed the station.

The athletes will be depicted in motion, making movements that are customary for the given sports. For example, a hockey player on skates and with stick will tackle a puck.

The CSKA metro station will be completed by the end of the year and will open together with four other stations of the Third Interchange Circuit – Delovoi Tsentr, Shelepikha, Khoroshyovskaya and Petrovsky Park. The station will provide access to Khodynsky Boulevard, the new CSKA stadium and other CSKA sport facilities.