Russia’s Artyom Alekseyev sets new record in the Moscow Marathon

Russia’s Artyom Alekseyev sets new record in the Moscow Marathon
The programme included 42.2 and 10 km races, a corporate relay and a handcyclist race.

The main amateurs’ race of the season, the Moscow Marathon, has been held in the city. Artyom Alekseyev from Ufa won the event, running 42.2 km in two hours 13 minutes and 40 seconds, beating the record of Kenyan runner Kibet Barngetuni (two hours 17 minutes and 23 seconds). The runner-up was Fyodor Shutov from Izhevsk (two hours 14 minutes and 31 seconds). Placing third was Yury Chechun from Togliatti (two hours 15 minutes and seven seconds).The winner in the women's race was Tatyana Aryasova from Moscow (two hours 32 minutes and 34 seconds). The runner-up was Natalya Starkova from Magnitogorsk (two hours 33 minutes and 36 seconds). Third place was taken by Olga Tarantinova from Shchyolkovo (two hours 36 minutes and 4 seconds).

The men’s 10 km race was won by Rinas Akhmadeyev from Kazan (29 minutes and 7 seconds). The runner-up was Moscow runner Iskander Yadgarov (29 minutes and 14 seconds). Third place was taken by another Muscovite, Pavel Adyshkin (30 minutes and 25 seconds). On the women's side, Yelena Sedova from Moscow was the quickest in the 10 km relay (33 minutes and 27 seconds). Behind her was Yekaterina Sokolenko from Novosibirsk (33 minutes and 41 seconds). Galina Vinogradova from Barnaul came third (34 minutes and 44 seconds).

Over 26,000 people from 70 countries registered for the race. The route passed along Moskva River embankments, the Garden Ring, Krymsky Bridge, the Boulevard Ring, Tverskaya Street, Teatralny Proyezd and near the Kremlin walls. It included world famous sights such as the Government House, the Moscow City business centre, four of the seven Stalin-era high-rise buildings, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Polytechnic Museum and the Christ the Saviour Cathedral. In addition to the classical race (42 km 195 m) and the 10 km race, the programme included a corporate relay and a handcyclist race. The latter is a competition for athletes with disabilities riding an arm-powered bicycle.

Locker rooms and water and snack kiosks set up all along the route were available during the event. Tens of thousands of spectators watched the race from the stands.

Ahead of the race, on 23–24 September, an exhibition was open at the Luzhniki sports complex, where over 60 participants presented running shoes, clothes, food and technology. There were also lectures dedicated to the marathon, health and motivation.

The main start was preceded by several preparatory ones: the First Run, the Moscow Half Marathon, the Colour Run, the Night Run and the Music Half Marathon. Today, one more holiday for athletes, the Cross of the Nation 2016, took place. It comprised 500 m, 1 km and 3 km races.