Moscow Summer results: 95 tonnes of ice cream and 80 tons of jam consumed

Moscow Summer results: 95 tonnes of ice cream and 80 tons of jam consumed
Muscovites can attend many interesting events on the city’s central venues irrespective of the season: the Moscow Summer, Moscow Autumn, Moscow Winter and Moscow Spring festivals were all successfully held. Each proved very popular among city residents and tourists.

This year, the Moscow Summer festival was held from 9 June to 4 September and featured four large events: Our Product, Moscow Ice Cream, Moscow Jam: Gifts of Nature, and Back to School. The festivals were attended by 2.5-8 million people each.

Our Product: Over 12 tonnes of meat products and historical reenactments

The Our Product festival was held in Moscow on 9-19 June and was the first in a series of seasonal festivals and fairs. The Moscow Chronicle was the main theme, reflecting the gastronomic history of Moscow. The festival was held for the first time and was attended by 3.8 million people.

For the ten days of the festival, 12.6 tonnes of meat and meat products, 10.2 tonnes of milk and dairy products, 2.2 tonnes of fish and fish delicacies, 11 tonnes of fruit and vegetables and 6,000 ceramics pieces were sold at 232 venues.

Guests could visit 97 trade chalets and 37 food chalets in the Central Administrative Area, as well as 70 trade chalets and 25 restaurant chalets in other areas. Every venue featured its own cultural programme with six venues for historical reenactments.

Moscow Ice Cream: Bacon ice cream and other unusual flavors

On 24 June, the Moscow Ice Cream festival was launched, attended by over 5 million people. It was a high point for Muscovites: it offered over 150 ice cream flavours. In addition to common flavours, tomato, potato, halva and green tea ice cream were on offer. The most popular was ice cream based on goat milk and cheese and the bacon flavour, sweet and salty. In all, over 95 tonnes of ice cream and 17,600 litres of soft drinks were sold.

Visitors were invited to see 180 chalets and 200 art objects. Twenty-two thousand people attended cooking workshops, and 63,200 guests took part in live quests and attended concerts.

The festival concluded on 10 July.

Fifty kinds of honey and foreign desserts at Moscow Jam: Gifts of Nature

The third festival, Moscow Jam: Gifts of Nature, was launched on 15 July and closed on 7 August. It was attended by over 8 million people, two million more than in 2015, and 2.5 million more than in 2014.

Two hundred kinds of jam, 50 kinds of honey and other treats were offered at 342 chalets. Desserts were brought in from Russian regions: the Krasnodar Territory, Karelia, Karachai-Circassia, Crimea, and the Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Volgogorad, Novgorod, and Tver regions as well as from Greece, Israel, Italy, Serbia, China, Morocco, India and other places. The most popular were gooseberry jam with cherry leaves and walnuts, pine nut jam, cucumber and mint jam, and tomato jam.

In all, 80 tonnes of jam and 20 tonnes of honey were sold, in addition to 100 tonnes of cookies, marshmallows and marmalade.

Back to School: Over 1,000 school bags and 2,500 textbooks sold

The Back to School festival began in Moscow on 24 August and concluded on 4 September. It was attended by 2.5 million people. Visitors could buy everything needed for the upcoming academic year. In all, over 3,000 school uniforms, over 1,000 school bags and 2,500 textbooks by 20 publishers were sold during the festival.

Neznaika and Znaika (Dunno and Doono), characters from Nikolai Nosov’s books, were the mascots of the festival. Children were welcomed: they attended games and quizzes to prepare for the new school year.

Golden Autumn will be the next festival of the Moscow Seasons. It will begin on 23 September and offer seasonal vegetables, meat, fish and cheese from Russian producers at 49 venues.