Roe deer meat, Japanese sea cucumbers and Gorgonzola: Enjoying the Golden Autumn Festival

Roe deer meat, Japanese sea cucumbers and Gorgonzola: Enjoying the Golden Autumn Festival
The Golden Autumn Festival has Meat Week, Fish Week and Cheese Days on its menu.

From 23 September until 9 October, Moscow will host the Golden Autumn Festival of food. Muscovites and visitors to the city will be offered fresh and quality food products from all over the country at 49 sites around the city. The special Fish and Meat programme will help 14 central festival sites to provide full information about the choice of domestic meat, fish and dairy produce. Also, visitors will learn about new interesting products and ways of cooking various dishes, as well as basic skills which are required to produce food products.

About two dozen producers from 15 regions will sell their produce during Meat Week scheduled for 23-29 September. Visit the festival sites to buy Prime Beef from Voronezh, jamon from the Kaliningrad Region, duck meat from Chelyabinsk’s duck farms, goose meat from Bashkiria, as well as lamb, veal, pork, rabbit meat, venison from the Yamal Peninsula, bear meat, boar meat, roe deer meat, tinned meat and pastes, as well as ham and sausage.   

Visitors to the open-air butcher’s shop which will be set up in Revolution  (Revolutsii) Square will have the opportunity to watch the work of professional butchers, see how steaks are made and get advice on types of meat and meat recipes. Also, visit a cookery school in Kuznetsky Most Street to learn how to cook meat dishes under the supervision of Moscow’s top chefs and participants in the MasterChef.Children cooking show. 

From 30 September until 2 October, the Cheese Days programme will add to the variety of Meat Week products as it will offer an extremely wide choice of domestic hard and soft cheeses, as well as goat cheeses and sheep milk cheeses. In all, domestic farmers will bring to the festival over 100 varieties of cheese, including the Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella and Burrata.

Over 50 farmers will fill their stalls with stacks of cheese to taste or buy from all over Russia, including Moscow’s immediate suburbs, the Leningrad, Tula, Tver, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Ivanovo and Voronezh regions, Omsk, the Krasnodar Territory and the North Caucasus. Cheese-lovers are expected to go into raptures over the varieties of soft mature cheese from the village of Maslovka, Lipetsk Region. Connoisseurs will appreciate a wide choice of elitist cheeses, such as Tovarishch Kopiski and Gorgonzola from Moscow’s cheese makers and the semi-hard Gubernatorsky Cheese and the hard Bergkase made in Moscow’s suburbs. Visitors will have the chance to taste a new Moscow cheese variety that will be made directly in Manezhnaya Square.

Cheese Days will also feature lectures at which cheese-makers will share their success stories with audiences. Other events include cookery master classes to teach how to fry cheese and cook many other dishes based on cheese.

Fish Week to be held on 3-9 October will conclude the special food programme. Some 200 varieties of fish – refrigerated, frozen, dried, lightly salt and tinned – will be on sale at the central festival sites. Caspian herrings, imperial herrings, sea urchins, Japanese sea cucumbers, mackerels, carps and other fish varieties will be brought from Vladivostok, the Kamchatka Peninsula, Murmansk and Russia’s other major seaports and river ports. Throughout the last week of the festival, the city market in Revolyutsii Square and the cookery school in Kuznetsky Most Street will also offer fish and seafood.

To attend cookery lessons and lectures on healthy eating habits and get advice on how to choose food products, visit the Ptichya Gavan site in Manezhnaya Square, Osenny Marafon in Kamergersky Pereulok, where seasonal vegetables will be cooked, Okhota and Dich in the square by a monument to Karl Marx (master classes to cook vegetable dishes and various desserts) and Fermersky Ekorinok (the farmers’ eco-market) in Tverskaya Square (lectures on farm produce).