All Moscow Central Circle stations to open by late October

All Moscow Central Circle stations to open by late October
Four new stations, Dubrovka, Koptevo, Sokolinaya Gora and Zorge, will be the first to open.

All Moscow Central Circle (MCC) stations are to open by late October, said Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin.

“We’ll open four new Moscow Central Ring stations, specifically, Dubrovka, Koptevo, Sokolinaya Gora and Zorge by 10 October, and we plan to open the Panfilovskaya station by late October,” Mr Khusnullin said.

It will take five to seven years to redevelop the entire area along the Moscow Central Circle. “We are planning as many seamless connections as we can. We’ll also have several transport hubs, so people can live and work within short distances. All of these things should be done within five to seven years. This includes both rail infrastructure and redevelopment projects,” Mr Khusnullin noted.

Currently, ten hectares or about ten percent of old Moscow are within walking distance of the Moscow Central Circle, he added.

Riders will soon be notified on what side the platforms are located at every station. In all, 800 additional directional signs have been installed at 15 transit links for passenger convenience.

Park-and-ride facilities have already been built at the above four stations, and drivers will be able to park there free for a month. Gated car parks for over 650 vehicles have been built near the Botanichesky Sad, Lokomotiv, Luzhniki and Bulvar Rokossovskogo stations.

Bus and minibus schedules have already been adjusted to match the train schedule. The MCс’s fast trains will arrive every six minutes during peak hours, and every 11-15 minutes at other time. Each carriage has a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, Wi Fi and outlets for charging mobile phones and other devices. Each train will have enough space for 12 bicycles that don’t have to be dissembled or folded prior to boarding. The station entrances have a countdown clock for estimated train arrivals. People with disabilities can use lifts and escalators, and tactile tiles/pavers have been installed.

The MCс will reduce passenger traffic by 15 and 20 percent, respectively, on the metro’s Circle Line and Sokolnicheskaya Line. The number of passengers  at Moscow’s railway stations will decrease by 15-20 percent. The belt railway is expected to carry about 75 million people in the next 12 months alone.