Moscow to have five glass cultural centres with cinemas

Moscow to have five glass cultural centres with cinemas
A project to rebuild the Riga Cinema in northeastern Moscow has been approved. Riga will be one of 39 Soviet-era cinemas to be converted into cultural centres – local public attractions.

Moscow will have five glass cultural centres with cinemas. The Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development has approved a project to renovate the Riga Cinema. Like the other 39 Moscow cinemas to be rebuilt, Riga will be turned into a cultural centre with four cinema rooms, shops and a food court.

Moscow’s chief architect Sergei Kuznetsov said the façade of the cinema looking out on Altufyevskoye Motorway will be all glass. The old brick walls will be replaced by large tinted glass panes with light-coloured ceramic panels.

“The big glass halls and transparent walls on ground-level floors in these projects will open the cinemas to the city,” Mr Kuznetsov said. “The activity inside them will make the adjoining streets safer and more convenient to use.”

He said the Riga Cinema would be expanded, including an additional floor on top. “A supermarket and a car park will be built underground while the new top floor will have four theatres showing Russian and foreign films,” the chief architect said.

An open atrium area will be designed in the centre of the building, with a glass roof that will provide natural daylight. Escalators and the lift adjusted for people with restricted mobility will take movie-goers to the top floor.

A total of 39 city-owned cinemas in need of renovation were put on auction in 2014. Investors are to convert them into modern cultural centres.