Times of first and last Moscow Central Circle trains are available

Times of first and last Moscow Central Circle trains are available
The earliest trains will pick up passengers at 5.45 am from the ZIL and Botanichesky Sad stations. The last train will arrive at Andronovka station at midnight sharp.

The first trains of the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) will make their way to the tracks by 5.27 am to begin their passenger routes at 5.45 am. Empty carriages open their doors to passengers at the same time at eight stations, Russian Railways reported.

−ZIL – 5.45 am;

−Shelepikha – 5.49 am;

−Ploshchad Gagarina – 5.48 am;

−Baltiiskaya – 5.48 am;

−Botanichesky Sad – 5.45 am;

−Okruzhnaya – 5.50 am;

−Shosse Entuziastov – 5.50 am;

−Ugreshskaya – 5.49 am.

After the opening of the Sokolinaya Gora station, the first train will pick up passengers there at 5.48 am.

Lastochka trains depart at the same time on weekdays and weekends, according to the Russian Railways press service.

The latest night trains will deliver passengers to the following stations:

−Nizhegorodskaya – 12.51 am;

−Baltiiskaya – 12.58 am;

−Andronovka – 1.00 am.

After the Panfilovskaya station open, the last train will let off passengers here at 1.05 am.

Russian Railways announced that during rush hours trains arrive every six minutes, and about every 12 minutes during off-peak hours. The time of rush hour is different on weekdays and weekends. On work days there are two peak-hour periods: from 7.30 am through 10.30 am and from 5.30 pm through 8.30 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, peak hours begin at 1 pm and end at 6 pm.

The Moscow Central Circle’s hours of operation are nearly the same as on the Moscow Metro − from 5.30 am  to 1 am.

The Moscow Central Circlehas been up and running since 10 September. It comprises 26 stations, 12 metro interchanges and six interchanges for suburban trains. There are plans to open all 31 stations and 14 interchanges soon.

During the first month of the Moscow Central Ring’s service, passengers can ride free of charge. After that, the Moscow Unified Travel Card, 90 Minute Ticket, Troika card and social cards must be used. Transfers within 90 minutes from the Central Ring to metro stations will remain free.

Visit the special project section of mos.ru for more details about the Moscow Central Ring.