Sergei Sobyanin: over 20 new schools and kindergartens opened in Moscow on 1 September

Sergei Sobyanin: over 20 new schools and kindergartens opened in Moscow on 1 September
School No. 9 in Novatorov Street, which opened on 1 September, has workshops, gyms and art studios. The adjacent new kindergarten has a swimming pool and a gym.

Sergei Sobyanin has opened a new school and kindergarten in Novatorov Street, Obruchevsky District. Close on 300 educational establishments have been built in Moscow these few years.

“Twenty-two schools and kindergartens opened in Moscow today. All told, we have opened about 300 such establishments these past few years. So, Moscow’s school network is not only growing but it is also being upgraded with new schools, gyms and such wonderful assembly halls as this,” the Moscow Mayor said during a festive line-up at School No. 9.

“This is a special day for first-formers: the most exciting and memorable day in their life. This is also a unique day for school leavers. This year will be decisive for their future. It will largely determine their destiny,” Mr Sobyanin said to the students.

The Mayor also congratulated teachers on the start of the new academic year as he praised schools for their good preparation. “I must say that Moscow schools have not merely prepared for this academic year. They have dramatically improved standard of education and the learning environment over these past few years, so that Moscow schools rank among the world’s best now. You are studying at excellent schools and have the opportunity to get the best possible education. The school will give you everything you’ll need in the future,” he concluded his address.

School with workshops, gyms and studios

The specially designed school at 28 Novatorov Street has four stories with a floor space of 17,700 square metres to cater for a thousand pupils. It was built in August on municipal money.

The school has 40 classrooms with the latest computers, 135 workbenches, 93 laptops and 10 interactive whiteboards.

There are training workshops in metalwork, dressmaking, carpentry, art, cookery and others, two gyms, a dance class, a music room, a photo studio, a library with a reading room, an assembly hall seating 600, a kitchen and a canteen seating 350, a doctor’s office, and classrooms for extracurricular activities.

A primary school and in part a middle school and a high school are united here under one roof. The new school plans to extend preliminary subject-oriented education with extracurricular studies of the Russian and foreign languages, science, mathematics and IT.

Metalwork, carpentry, dressmaking and cooking workshops will improve industry-oriented classes and give the children a taste of practical work.

The school plans to set up an Internet club, a fitness centre, a reading room, a multimedia library, and 12 rooms for hobby circles and extracurricular activities.

Kindergarten with a pool and gym

A kindergarten was built in July close to the school at 20 Novatorov Street, Bldg. 2. Of I-2342 standard design, with an area of 6,500 sq m, the three-story building occupies the site of two five-story residential houses built in 1962, which were demolished.

The kindergarten will accommodate 220 children aged 3 to 7, with 12 full-time classes, and will offer a balanced learning environment:

— 12 classrooms and dorms;

— music room;

— gym;

— fitness room;

— pool;

— psychologist’s office;

— speech therapist’s office;

— experimental teaching office;

— canteen and kitchen;

— doctor’s office.

The kindergarten has classes for extracurricular activities with 18 laptops, a multimedia set, and video cameras. There is free Internet access.

The construction was entirely funded by the city.

Both buildings are fully equipped for inclusive education.

School No. 9 educational cluster

The new school and kindergarten are branches of School No. 9, opened on 21 March 1963.

The cluster has eight buildings for preschool classes (1,207 children) and two school buildings (1,395 children).

It has 122 free and paid hobby circles for 1,866 children.

Thirty-two students graduated from the school in the 2015/2016 academic year. One of them was awarded the federal medal For Outstanding Academic Success and two similar Moscow medals.

Five-story neighbourhood renovated

School No. 9 is the principal educational establishment of Block 38A in Obruchevsky District between Leninsky Prospekt and Novatorov and Obrucheva streets.

Comprehensive renovation work was launched in the neighbourhood in 2000 on an investment contract with the Moscow Government. Twenty five-story houses built during the first stage of prefab construction have been demolished since. The residents received new housing. Seven houses have been built on the site, and another three are under construction. All in all, 15 state-of-the-art residential buildings are envisaged.

The new district education infrastructure comprises three kindergartens, of which one is ready, and two schools, of which one is ready and the other is under construction.

A 1.8-hectare park opened near 34 Novatorov Street, Bldgs. 5-6 in 2015-2016 on the site of demolished five-story blocks and a waste lot. It has two playgrounds, a workout site and an illuminated dry-deck fountain.