Park vaudeville and a minibus performance: Moscow theatres ready to celebrate City Day

Park vaudeville and a minibus performance: Moscow theatres ready to celebrate City Day
On 10 and 11 September, Moscow theatres will stage a comedia dell’arte, a rock’n’roll mystery performance, vaudeville acts and a puppet show at Moscow parks, the Patriarchy Ponds and on Red Square.

Comedia dell’Arte and vaudeville in Kuskovo

Date: 11 September

Hours: 1 pm - 4 pm

Venue: 2 Yunosti Street, Kuskovo Museum Estate

On 11 September, the square outside the Italian House in the Kuskovo Museum Estate will be converted into a part of an Italian town, with a comedia dell’arte performance. This traditional form of Italian theatre, also known as the comedy of masks, relied heavily on improvisation. The vivid show will take the audience along a spectacular tour of comedic events, making viewers part of the performance.

The large stone green house will become a nice setting for a costume musical show staged according to the 18th-century theatre traditions, while the alleys of flower parterre will become an open-air ballroom. Here, the historical Sheremetevs’ serf theatre awaits its visitors, offering them excerpts from the Cunning Fellow in Love, a 18th-century adaptation of Russia’s first picaresque novel, the Tale of Frol Skobeyev. The other performance, The Kings and the Poor, is based on the music by French, Italian and German baroque composers. Aficionados of historical theatre and music are sure to have a marvellous time.

Malaya Bronnaya Theatre on City Day

Date: 10 September

Hours: 2 pm - 3 pm

Venue: Mitino Park, 16 Penyaginskaya Street

To celebrate Moscow’s 869th birthday, the Malaya Bronnaya Theatre will give a poetic gift to the city, a performance based on poems by Boris Pasternak and Marina Tsvetayeva that actors Yekaterina Dubakina, Polina Nekrasova, Yekaterina Sedik and Dmitry Guryanov will read on stage. Despite differences in their poetic vision, both Pasternak and Tsvetayeva had true affection for their home city, and berhymed it in their works. The actors are finely attuned to each poet’s voice as they put their poems together in one performance. Through the performers, the past appears linked with modern times, and the Silver Age calls out to the present.

Gzhel Dance Theatre performance

Date: 10 September

Hours: 8 pm - 11 pm

Venue: Red Square

The Gzhel State Dance Theatre will put on a performance as part of a big gala in Red Square on City Day, celebrating the works of Russian craftsmen. Younger audiences will have a chance to learn about traditional Russian painting, such as the Zhostovo, Gzhel, Palekh and Pavlovsky Posad styles.

City Day with the Film Actor Theatre

Date: 10 September

Hours: 4 pm – 6 pm

Venue: Patriarchy Ponds

The Patriarchy Ponds are traditionally one of the main venues of City Day, with in no way less traditional performance by the Film Actor Theatre.

This year, the theatre’s leading actors will come to the fore, including a legend of Soviet cinema, veteran actor Gennady Yukhtin, who is known for such classics as “Spring on Zarechnaya Street” and “The Rumyantsev’s Case.” The new performance will serve as the theatre’s showcase of the best scenes from the company’s best performances, with poems and songs included. The audience will get a good idea of the theatre’s repertoire and actors.

Rock’n’Roll miracle-play from ApARTe Theatre

Date: 11 September

Hours: 2 pm- 3 pm

Venue: Zelenograd, Victory Park

The ApARTe Moscow Drama Theatre plans to celebrate City Day in Zelenograd’s main square with a special show that combines music and poetry. The company will present parts of their best staged performance, “The Door” rock’n’roll miracle-play about a young rock group, and will read poems about Moscow by Vladimir Mayokovsky, Sergei Yesenin, and Viktor Tsoy.

“The Door” was not an arbitrary choice. Young peoples’ creativity, rhythms of rock music with its unrestrained sincerity, and a dose of good spirits is a perfect match for Moscow, which is ever young and full of energy.

The Dragon Encyclopaedia: A minibus performance

Date: 10 September

Hours: Noon - 2 pm

Venue: Mitino Park, 16 Penyaginskaya Street

Mitino Landscape Park will host a car-turned-theatre, or one of Moscow’s most unusual stages right inside a minibus. On City Day, 10 September, the Ten (Shadow) Company will perform its last season première, “The Dragon Encyclopaedia,” which tells the story of St George and the Moscow coat of arms, among others. The entire performance takes place on a tiny 50-cm-wide stage, with small, finely crafted puppets as actors.