City Day festivals: theatre and music at Kuskovo and modern art at Flakon

City Day festivals: theatre and music at Kuskovo and modern art at Flakon
Muscovites and visitors can learn about energy conservation, enjoy music and theatre, and try their hand at art at the festivals planned for Moscow City Day.

Museum and City Festival

Dates: 10 September, noon-10 pm

11 September, 10 am-8 pm

Location: Museum of Moscow, 2 Zubovsky Boulevard

The Museum of Moscow is celebrating City Day with a festival – Museum and City. On 10-11 September, visitors can choose between exhibitions, musical and theatrical performances, children’s master classes and excursions. The museum will also present the project Moscow Text – a literary map of Moscow metro stations.

Visitors to the museum can stop at the stations Blokovskaya, Novostrugatskaya, Zhivago, Shalamovskaya, Tsvetayevskaya and others, renamed in honour of writers and literary works linked to historic spots around Moscow. This alternative metro map has been transformed into a big play area in the middle of the museum’s courtyard. Illuminated letters signalling the metro stations and making reference to the year’s main exhibition, Museum’s Alphabet, serve as additional navigation aids and provide the foundation for a literary quest.

A rap duel will be the central event on stage. Young writers and poets, literally armed with the works of their heroes, will compete in declamatory skill and poetic impact on the public. Literary and musical experts will divide the poets into duelling pairs, and the winner of each round will continue until the two strongest contenders meet in the final.

All visitors to the museum can also visit the big Museum’s Alphabet exhibition, the documentary project August 1991. Muscovites Remember, as well as the exhibition of winning photos in the Andrei Stenin photo contest, and the exhibition Tverskaya and More. 

The City Excursion Bureau is taking up the literary theme too, offering visits to “literary” streets: Bulat Okudzhava’s Arbat, Vladimir Gilyarovsky’s Petrovsky Park, and Komsomolskaya Square, the place where writers and literary heroes intersect.

Inspiration in Kuskovo Festival

Date: 11 September, 10 am-6 pm

Location: Kuskovo Museum Estate, 2 Yunosti Street

Kuskovo will host the traditional Inspiration in Kuskovo arts festival on City Day. A holiday fantasy performance will unfold throughout the estate’s avenues and squares.

The palace’s main façade and the Big Pond will provide the decoration for a historical re-enactment in theatrical form. The club Serebryany Volk will perform an allegorical picture of the siege and capture of Azov in 1736, when the field marshals Minikh and Lassi, companions of Boris Sheremetyev, took the Azov fortress and opened Russia’s gateway to the Black Sea.

The big stone greenhouse  will provide a superb backdrop for a costume musical performance staged in accordance with the theatrical traditions of the 18th century, and the Floral Stalls avenues will become a huge open air ballroom. Visitors will be plunged into the atmosphere of the Sheremetyevs’ serf theatre and will see fragments of the vaudeville Cunning Fellow in Love, created in the 18th century and based on the first picaresque novella in Russian – the Tale of Frol Skobeyev. Visitors can also enjoy the original musical offering Kings and Beggars, which is based on musical works by baroque era French, Italian and German composers. All fans of age-old music and theatre will get tremendous aesthetic pleasure out of this festival.

The Honour Guards Military Model Orchestra will play old marches and waltzes at the park’s main entrance. 

Visitors to the estate will be invited to step back 250 years and learn 18th century ballroom dances at the estate’s main courtyard.

Visitors will receive programmes indicating the place and time of each event at the park’s entrance.

The festival will conclude with a concert, Favourite Melodies, showcasing classical music hits performed on violin by Merited Artist of Russia Alexander Chernov.

Proyavleniye Festival

Date: 10 September, 12 noon-midnight

Location: Flakon Design Factory, 36 Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Street

The Proyavleniye (Showing oneself) Festival will transform the Flakon design factory into an interactive platform where four elements come together: music, theatre, cinema and dance.

Proyavleniye is a synthesis of classical and modern art and also a new look at the dialogue between artists, actors, musicians, and the city and its residents.  

Visitors can take part in an improvised performance together with musicians, artists and dance ensembles. They can also try out dancing themselves, attend creative master classes and, most importantly, take part in a big team performance that will see a large column of participants and visitors wind throughout the design factory’s premises all day long.

A festival of Russian cinema will also take place at the design factory, with six venues hosting concerts and showings. A design market and food court will be located nearby. Children can amuse themselves at a specially set up children’s zone, which the visitors can transform according to their wishes.

«#Brighter Together at VDNKh

Date: 10 September, 10 am-9 pm

Location: VDNKh, 119 Prospekt Mira

VDNKh’s Promyshlennosti Square will be the venue for the national energy conservation festival Brighter Together on City Day. The festival will be divided into two parts – before and after sunset. During the daylight part of the festival, facilities will generate their own energy, and once evening falls, will use it to illuminate the light displays.

Visitors will be able to see how energy is produced and take part in the process themselves at a kinetic dancefloor. The only thing they will have to do is dance rhythmically. The kinetic energy their feet send down into the special tiles on the floor will be transformed into electricity that will power the lights beneath each tile.

Fans of active recreation can take a cycle ride on lit-up bicycles with umbrellas. The light diode illumination used is powered by electricity produced when the wheels turn.

Children will have a chance to ride eco-merry-go-rounds, each of which will be lit by a big lamp powered when the merry-go-round turns. Kiosks selling energy conserving goods will also be open at the festival, where people can exchange incandescent lights for modern light-emitting diode lights.

Crafts Avenue Festival

Date: 11 September, 12 noon-3.30 pm

Location: Feniks Cultural Centre, 15 Marshala Vasilyevskogo Street

Crafts Avenue is the Northwestern Administrative Area’s ninth open festival of folk crafts and will offer a concert programme performed by the area’s culture and arts ensembles and performers, as well as an arts and crafts exhibition and fair.

Moscow Movie Festival

Dates: 9-18 September

Location: Moscow’s administrative areas

Each city administrative area will host part of the Moscow Movie Festival during City Day. From 9 to 18 September, the city will recreate the atmosphere of cult Russian movies. Each venue will show a Soviet or Russian film and will be decorated with movie posters and thematic photo stand-ins.